Wall lights

Wall lighting gives the room extra light in a subtle way. At IKEA, you'll find wall lamps for every living style. Even the most boring wall in the house becomes nice to look at with a little light on the wall. Choose one that fits your style.

Beautiful walls with a wall lamp

We have wall lighting in different styles, including spotlights and uplighters to provide additional lighting for certain elements in your home. A clamp spotlight is nice and flexible. You can easily clamp it to a desk or edge of a bed to create an extra source of light. Most wall lamps are suitable for LED lighting or have built-in LEDs. This is also easy on the energy bill.

Your house in the spotlight

A wall lamp is absolutely not a wall flower. Our collection of wall lamps consists of strikingly modern lamps, retro variations and timeless classics. And with the right light source, you can change the atmosphere in your home. Would you like a warm glow or a bright mood? With a light panel you can light up even the darkest corner in the house. These lamps are remote controlled and dimmable. Check out more smart lighting products here.