Thick veneer worktops

Our thick wood veneer worktops offer you the natural colour and grain of wood (giving your kitchen a warm feel). Thanks to our veneering process, you get patterns that would otherwise be difficult to obtain or expensive. Besides wood veneer, we also have solid wood worktops. They come in standard dimensions and you can also order them to size. Looking for a wood veneer custom worktop? Calculate the price with our worktop calculator

Wood veneer worktops

Wood (veneer) worktops have a chipboard core and a top layer made of 3 mm thick solid wood. The worktop looks and feels like solid wood. Less wood is used, however, which is good for the environment. In addition to this, wood (veneer) worktops are more resistant to moisture and need less care than solid wood tops.

Maintenance of wood veneer worktops

The wood veneer worktops are treated with a hard wax oil, so it only needs to be treated again once the surface starts to wear.

Custom-made wood veneer worktops:

Design your own custom worktop made of wood veneer and calculate the price using our worktop calculator.