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More optionsVAPPEBY Bluetooth speakers 20x20 cm

VAPPEBY Bluetooth speakers, black/set of 2 gen 3, 20x20 cm

More optionsSYMFONISK Picture frame with WiFi speaker

SYMFONISK Picture frame with WiFi speaker, black/smart

More optionsVAPPEBY Portable bluetooth speaker

VAPPEBY Portable bluetooth speaker, waterproof/yellowVAPPEBY Portable bluetooth speaker, waterproof red

More optionsSYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker

SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker, white smart/gen 2

More optionsVAPPEBY Bluetooth speaker 20x20 cm

VAPPEBY Bluetooth speaker, white/gen 3, 20x20 cm

More optionsSYMFONISK Speaker lamp base with WiFi

SYMFONISK Speaker lamp base with WiFi, white/smart

More optionsSYMFONISK Speaker lamp w Wi-Fi, glass shade

SYMFONISK Speaker lamp w Wi-Fi, glass shade, white/blackSYMFONISK Speaker lamp w Wi-Fi, glass shade, black/whiteSYMFONISK Speaker lamp w Wi-Fi, glass shade, white

More optionsVAPPEBY Bluetooth speaker lamp

VAPPEBY Bluetooth speaker lamp, outdoor/blue

More optionsSYMFONISK Speaker combination with shelf

SYMFONISK Speaker combination with shelf, white/gen 2

More optionsSYMFONISK Panel for picture frame speaker

SYMFONISK Panel for picture frame speaker, balanceSYMFONISK Panel for picture frame speaker, cassette tapeSYMFONISK Panel for picture frame speaker, labyrinth luxe - flux

More optionsSYMFONISK Bookshelf speaker w floor stand

SYMFONISK Bookshelf speaker w floor stand, white/gen 2

More optionsSYMFONISK Wi-Fi bookshelf speakers

SYMFONISK Wi-Fi bookshelf speakers, white/set of 2 gen 2

More optionsSYMFONISK Speaker lamp w Wi-Fi, textile shade

SYMFONISK Speaker lamp w Wi-Fi, textile shade, black/whiteSYMFONISK Speaker lamp w Wi-Fi, textile shade, white/blackSYMFONISK Speaker lamp w Wi-Fi, textile shade, white

More optionsSYMFONISK Power supply cord 3.5 m

SYMFONISK Power supply cord, textile/black, 3.5 m

More optionsSYMFONISK Bookshelf speaker wall bracket

SYMFONISK Bookshelf speaker wall bracket, white

More optionsSYMFONISK Wall bracket

SYMFONISK Wall bracket, adjustable/black
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Speakers where sound and design come together

An interior item that looks good and sounds good? That's the SYMFONISK table lamp with speaker and bookshelf speaker. The speakers in collaboration with Sonos have WiFi and are designed so that sound and design are perfectly in tune. It's a two-in-one product, so it fits the room perfectly and doesn't take up unnecessary space. The speakers are operated with the Sonos app, and you can connect multiple speakers at once. Our ENEBY Bluetooth speakers have a sleek, modern design that looks good in your interior. The speakers are portable and give a powerful, bright sound experience. You can choose from different fronts such as a soft fabric front or a transparent front with a minimalistic look.

Speakers for bright, powerful sound

Not only do our speakers look good in the room, they are also a pleasure to the ears. Because music really sets the mood. You can easily attach the ENEBY speakers and SYMFONISK bookshelf speakers to the wall with a wall console. Would you rather listen to music wirelessly? We have a portable speaker that is very small. You can enjoy music anywhere in the house or take the speaker to the park or beach. With a charged battery, you can enjoy your musical sounds for 15 hours. And with the built-in microphone, you can answer calls through the speaker. With our collection of cords and accessories, you can be certain you will be able supply the speaker with power. Power strips, batteries and USB chargers aplenty.

A smart house with all the mod cons

The speakers fall in the category of smart devices. These are products designed to make your life easier and smarter. The TRÅDFRI hub is a versatile device to you can connect various smart devices. For example, our smart lighting, roller blinds and speakers. Open your blinds from your bed in the morning, put on your favourite music and switch on mood lighting, all with the push of a button. The TRÅDFRI hub and IKEA Home smart app work with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Sonos.