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Rugs, mats & flooring

The floor is the basis for any room. The type and the color already determines to a large extent the atmosphere of the living room or bedroom. Do you go for laminate or plastic tiles? And once you've chosen, it's time to refurbish the room with furniture and home accessories. With a rug you improve the acoustics, you give the room atmosphere and it also provides warm feet.

    Every step counts

    Bring natural charm into your home

    Our FRISKÄNG and TORRÄNG floors are just as hardwearing and easy to keep clean as a PVC floor, but made from better renewable materials. Because there is no PVC in the floors, no harmful chemicals were needed for production and the floors are recyclable. An environmentally friendly alternative for a PVC floor! Another plus is that you don't need floor lining: it's already attached to the underside of the floor. Ideal.

    Oriental rugs

    Each Persian rugis unique and the variations are endless! Each rug has its own story, design, different colors and sizes.

    See Persian rugs
    See Persian rugs

    Persian and oriental carpets made in a particular region. Our carpets originate from, among others, Turkish and Iranian tribes.

    Fun fact: Our Persian carpets are the only products at IKEA that do not have a Swedish name, so the carpet PERSISK BELUTCH was purchased from the Belutch tribe.

    Our Persian carpets are usually made by the women of the family or tribe for their own use. These rugs are, sometimes after 25 years of use, resold to IKEA. We clean the rugs thoroughly and if necessary we repair damages. These beautiful rugs shine in every living room, and how beautiful it is that they often have a whole life behind them, which only makes them more beautiful.