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Outdoor sofas

The lounge set for the garden is the king of garden furniture. Lovely for stretching out or sitting up. In the sun or shade. Would you opt for a nice two-seater or would you put together your own lounge set from individual elements? 

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Ultimate relaxation with a lounge set

Relax until you can't any more – that's what summer is for. You can pass those balmy summer evenings with a comfortable lounge bed. There is enough room for your whole family, your neighbours and your very best friends. Expand the lounge set with matching seats and furniture for relaxing like sun loungers or individual seating elements.

Lazing about in the lounge set

At IKEA, we have enough furniture to stylishly design your garden or balcony. One of the most popular garden sets however is and remains the lounge set. Sit down on the low seat and you are immediately relaxed. We have lounging and relaxing furniture for every outdoor space. From two-seat lounge sofas to four-seat corner sofas. You can also opt to put your set together with individual elements. There is also a wide choice of materials, from natural acacia wood to lightweight plastic rattan.

Order a lounge set for your garden online and have us deliver it or pick it up yourself at an IKEA store near you. Check out all the options here.