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METOD kitchens

METOD: Endless possibilites

Everyone who cooks, has their own flavour. That's why we have the METOD kitchen system. A flexible system that offers everything you need to realize your dream kitchen. With over 35 styles and with cabinets in various sizes to choose from.

25 year warranty

Your new kitchen is going to withstand quite a lot: heat, moisture, maybe an enthusiastic chef. That's why you get 25 years of warranty on the METOD system. So you know for sure that your kitchen will last a long time.

Bring your taste to life

Express your personal style easily with the METOD kitchen systems. Whether you have a traditional, minimalistic or modern taste, everything is possible!

The ideal lay-out of your kitchen

Getting the taste of cooking is much easier if you have everything within reach: appliances, sink and workspace on your worktop. That's why we use the kitchen triangle at IKEA. A convenient way to furnish your kitchen so you're always cooking comfortable, no matter the heat of the moment.

Single-sided kitchen

When you normally cook alone or when your space isn't that big, a single-sided kitchen is a practical solution. With cabinets and appliances on one side, it's easy to reach everything you need.

Double-sided kitchen

If you have more space or cook together, a double-sided kitchen can be convenient. With two persons you can easily move throughout the whole kitchen.

L-shaped kitchen

A lot of cooking space and a lot of storage space: an L-shaped kitchen offers just that. With special cabinets for the corners you can optimize the use of space.

U-shaped kitchen

In a U-shaped kitchen everything important is near. And you have a lot of storage space as well. Delicious!

Island kitchen

A lot of workspace, a lot of space for cooking and a lot of space for storage. That makes for some luxurious cooking.

There's more

Open L- of U-shape, double sided with island? Discover even more METOD lay-out options here.

Kitchen cabines in all sizes

METOD kitchen cabinets are available in various widhts, depths and heights, to exactly fit in the space you have.

Kitchen cabinets

METOD kitchen cabinets have a standard depth of 60 cm and a height of 80 cm. With legs (available in various heights), you make sure your worktop has the right height for you. Kitchen cabinets are available in various widths: 20 cm, 40 cm, 60 cm and 80 cm, so you can create the perfect mix of storage. In a corner you can use the special METOD corner cabinet, to use this space in the optimal way. Want to create more storage space? We also have cabinets with a depth of 37 cm.

Wall cabinets

METOD wall cabinets have a standard depth of 37 cm, but are available in various widths and heights, so you can create the perfect kitchen. 80cm is the largest width we offer for wall cabinets, but you can also choose 60 cm, 40 cm or even 30 cm or 20 cm. For in corners there's a special corner wall cabinet. Wall cabinets are ideally placed 50 cm or more above your kitchen cabinets, so you have enough space to work on your worktop.

High cabinets

High cabinets offer a lot of space for ingredients, pots, plates, but also for cleaning items. There's special high cabinets that fit a fridge. Or use a high cabinet to build in your oven, so you can reach it easily. Our METOD high cabinets are available in 140 cm, 200 cm and 220 cm high. For each height, you can choose a width of 40cm, 60cm or 80cm. Still not high enough? Just add a top cabinet.

Kitchen installation

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Transport & delivery

We deliver your new kitchen to your home.

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