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Coffee & tea

Spicy with a slice of ginger, or frothy with a lot of milk? Here you'll find everything you need to make a perfect cuppa or coffee. Check out our mugs and cups in all types and sizes. Our insulated flasks will keep your tea or coffee hot – or cold if you'd like.

Make room for a festive fika

Any time of day is the right time for a “fika”, the beloved Swedish coffee-or-tea break with a delicious snack. Keep your coffee/tea maker full and make sure there are always treats for everyone.

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An UPPHETTA coffee/tea maker half-full of tea on a wood surface with a SÄLLSKAPLIG plate and bowls with confectionaries.
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Enjoy a coffee and cup of tea

Tea and coffee are even more delicious when you have mugs or cups that fit the occasion. And with our teapots, insulated flasks and coffee accessories, you can really enjoy breakfast in bed or a well-earned coffee break. Want to make a pot of coffee like the old days? You can with our coffee and tea makers. Just pour boiling water over the coffee beans or tea leaves and Bob's your uncle! With our ÖVERST metal coffee filter, you can brew endless cups, because it's reusable. You can place the filter on a glass, mug, cup, insulated flask or carafe. Do you prefer to grind your beans yourself? That's possible with our ALLMÄNNING electric coffee mill. You can enjoy a freshly ground coffee every day. If you are a cappuccino lover, IKEA is the place for you. With our milk frother in combination with the frothing jug, you'll have clouds in your coffee. Check out even more coffee accessories here.

Coffee and tea for the home and when out and about

Even when you are out and about, you can enjoy your trusted coffee or cup of tea. Because our insulated jugs will keep your hot beverages hot, or cold drinks cold, for longer. For you can also keep cold beverages in our Thermoses. Do you love drinking endless cups of tea? For cosy tea parties, IKEA has teacups, pots and accessories. No one can ever tire of the whistle of an old-fashioned kettle. Put loose tea leaves in a tea infuser and steep the best tea. We also have glass teapots with a built-in tea filter. Two-in-one so you can enjoy a cuppa in no time at all. With the TRÅDLÖS honey dipper and tea measurer, you can make a fresh mint tea taste even better. Do you prefer to drink hot beverages in a glass? Then take a look at our wide range of glasses, in all types and sizes.