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Changing tables

Let's be honest, nobody likes changing nappies. But it's a lot easier with our changing tables. You can put everything you need in the drawers and on the shelves. The perfect height allows you to give your little one a quick hug to distract him or her. You'll be done quicker!

The (in)convenience of a changing table

The baby is squirming, the wipes are hard to open and at the same time you are trying to put a nappy on. Changing nappies is a tough job. Our changing tables are designed so that you have everything within easy reach. With these cute changing accessories it almost becomes fun. Some changing tables grow with your child and can easily be turned into a play table or desk.

Practical and comfortable

Most IKEA changing tables have practical drawers that provide storage for everything you need while changing nappies. Our changing tables are a comfortable height so you can give your baby a hug. Once they have outgrown the changing table, it's time for the next step. Browse our range of legs here