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A light, airy living room with space for personality

This modern-style apartment is centred around a living room that makes the most of its limited floor space, with colours and furniture chosen to create a spacious feel with room to express yourself.

An airy, light living room with a FRIHETEN sofa-bed with textiles and side-by-side white KALKNÄS cabinets with sliding doors.
An airy, light living room with a FRIHETEN sofa-bed with textiles and side-by-side white KALKNÄS cabinets with sliding doors.

White and light in the corner

Surrounded by shades of white, sheer curtains and windows, the KALKNÄS cabinet adds to the airy mood. Yet behind its stylish relievo doors, it hides a whole lot of tableware conveniently close to the table.

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A light room with a white KALKNÄS cabinet with sliding doors with interior lighting, glass- and tableware, and decorations.
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    Concentrate an expression to make it stronger

    A collection of favourite items doesn’t have to take over your home. Gathering them can even highlight the idea, like here on a high shelf. The ceramics are put on display, while leaving the rest of the room open for anything.

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    The sun shines in through the French doors of a light, modern living room centred around a dark-grey FRIHETEN sofa-bed.
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      The importance of calm zones

      In a small home, undistracted surfaces are extra valuable. Softening the mood when the sofa-bed is used for occasional sleeping, the naked wall also offers a nice contrast to colourful textiles, patterned cushions and dancing sunlight.

      Scattered sunlight over a dark-grey FRIHETEN sofa-bed with different-colour cushions and a throw strewn across it.
        A person tends to two stacked cushions in ODDNY off-white-and-black dot-pattern cushion covers placed on a FRIHETEN sofa-bed.

          Storage somewhere between display and hideaway

          With its decorative mix of open and closed storage, this low cabinet and its taller sibling by the table help tie the room together. The coordinating effect is enhanced by the light ripples across the embossed doors.

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          Puzzles and games behind the glass of a white KALKNÄS cabinet with sliding doors. On top is a SVALLET lamp and more games.
            A child’s hand holds the corner of a wooden labyrinth game, halfway out of the top compartment of a white KALKNÄS cabinet.
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              Room for togetherness

              A well-planned living room goes beyond space-efficiency. Style and decorative details not only make it easier to relax, but also add to the here-and-now feeling of a home in harmony.

              A smiling woman and a young boy lounging with a book and a gaming console in a FRIHETEN sofa-bed in a light, airy room.