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Kitchen Planning Service

If you’re thinking about making your dream kitchen become a reality, we can arrange for one of our specialists to plan it together with you. This way, you’ll know how to optimise your space to get a kitchen that suits your style and everyday needs. You bring the measurements and a drawing or picture of the area. Then we help you with inspiration and functional solutions for everything from the placement of cabinets and appliances to storage, lighting and sinks.

Kitchen measuring / planning service pricing

Get started with Kitchen measuring/planning service. Once you have purchased the kitchen measurement/planning service, a planner from an official IKEA partner will visit your home to provide the service for approximately 2 hours.

Pricing: ₩120,000

Measuring service: ₩50,000 / Planning service: ₩70,000


To book our service, visit your nearest IKEA store Kitchen showroom or contact IKEA Customer Service Center (1670-4532) .

Available location:

  • Seoul/Gyeonggi
  • Seoul metropolitan area
    • Asan (all area), Anseong, Yangju, Yangpyeong, Yeoju, Icheon, Paju, Pyeongtaek, Cheonan (all area)
  • Others
    • Busan, Ulsan, Yangsan, Changwon (Masan), Gimhae, Wonju, Daejeon, Sejong, Gwangju, Daegu

Service offered:

  • Floor plan measurements (Length,  Width, Height of the room)
  • Condition of walls (Construction materials, Angles)
  • Windows and doors (Dimensions, Positions)
  • Other location verification
    • Positioning of electricity outlets, water
    • Plumbing and Gas connections
    • Radiators and other fixtures
  • Price quote for the removal of the old Kitchen
  • Detailed Kitchen Plan and 3D view drawing
  • Price quote for installation of new Kitchen
  • Price quote for custom-made worktop, as asked
  • Price quote for IKEA Kitchen products

Points to note when using the service

If you purchase Kitchen installation service or all of the products included in the planning floorplan after using our Kitchen measuring/planning service, service fee will be refunded from IKEA Returns card.

Kitchen planning service (Free)

Kitchen planning service offered in store can be booked online. 

Pricing: Free


Visit our store after booking the service online, or receive Kitchen planning service at home via phone. All consulting will be done via phone while reviewing your floorplan with screen sharing. (Desktop PC required)

Points to note when using the service

  • Please arrive at your local IKEA store Kitchen showroom at the time and date of your reservation.
  • Bring measurements of width, depth, and ceiling height of the space when you visit the store.
  • If you are late for more than 30mins of your reservation, your reservation will be canceled.