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Cabinets & cupboards

Different styles for organising and displaying your favourite items

For things you want to draw attention to, a display cabinet is perfect for the job. Two great examples are the retro-inspired FABRIKÖR and the more modern, slimline RUDSTA cabinets. Both serve as a great frame for artful objects and lookers you want kept tidily stored. Which style is right for your home?

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A dark-grey FABRIKÖR glass-door cabinet holding decorative items, a green plant and a rattan armchair with a white cushion.
An anthracite RUDSTA glass-door cabinet surrounded by and holding artful objects, many of them carved in wood.
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Hide it away

What’s hidden behind the doors of these stylish storage cabinets? Only you – and your flatmates or family, of course – know. Create a personalised look by mounting patterned doors in different directions, or achieve a unique finish with lighting or decorative accessories.

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A BESTÅ frame standing against a wooden panelled wall has four SELSVIKEN doors and glass vases sitting on top.
A cabinet with HEDEVIKEN doors in dark brown stained oak veneer stands tall in a room with green walls.
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