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A woman playfully twirls with a blue and orange BASTUA bath sheet wrapped around her shoulders, under a clear blue sky.

Wrap yourself in joy with the BASTUA limited collection

The collection features one-of-a-kind prints especially designed by Marimekko for their collaboration with IKEA. Inspired by the Nordic sauna, these bath sheets, cushions, kimonos and towels are bursting with joy.

Joyful textiles

What better way to bring happiness into your home than with textiles that are alive with colour, texture and print? From blooming florals and soft, rich fabrics to bright hues such as yellow and pink, these are joyful, celebratory textiles.

A blue bed that's made with ÄNGLATRUMPET bed linen, with pillows and cushions in NÄBBSPINNARE covers stacked in a pile.
    A NÄBBSPINNARE cushion cover with a fun insect print in dark yellow/pale blue, on top of a striped ÄNGLATRUMPET duvet cover.
    A bed with yellow NATTJASMIN and LUKTJASMIN bed linen and a SVARTPOPPEL cushion cover and SVARTKLINT bed linen in pink.
    A grey-turquoise armchair in front of dark beige curtains with a cushion inside a SVARTHÖ multicoloured cushion cover on it.
    The bold floral print of a SVARTKLINT duvet cover in light pink/dark pink covering a duvet that’s a bit rumpled.

    A fluffy new cushion cover to soften up your sofa

    Here’s a cushion cover to add cloud-like comfort to your sofa, bed or chair. The fun pom-pom design easily lightens up any look, creating an airy, spacious feel to let you drift off in style.

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    Cushions in various covers including an off-white SVARTPOPPEL cover on a blue BLÅKULLEN bed covered in LAPPNYCKLAR bed linen.
      A cushion covered in an off-white SVARTPOPPEL cover on top of bedding in floral white/multicoloured LAPPNYCKLAR bed linen.
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        Soft new towels with a natural colour scheme

        More than just soft and absorbent, VALLASÅN towels, like all our towels, are made in a responsible way from quality materials so you can trust them on your skin. The earth tone colour comes from a plant – and is a step on the way towards using more renewable materials.

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        A folded light green VALLASÅN bath towel lies on top of a pillow and a duvet inside light green KRÅKRISMOTT bed linen.
          A light green VALLASÅN bath towel hangs from a white NEREBY s-hook hanging from a birch NEREBY rail.
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            Curtains to hide your shelves away

            However neatly all those things are organised on the shelves, sometimes you might feel like keeping them under wraps. By simply adding a rod and curtains, you can transform the look and mood of your space. Another upside? Your belongings don’t have to be perfectly organised all the time.

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            A corner of a room with VIDGA track set and SILVERLÖNN sheer curtains pulled open to show a busy work and storage area.
              A corner of a room with VIDGA track set and SILVERLÖNN sheer curtains pulled closed hiding the wall shelves and storage.
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