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Share the flavours of the season

Whether you’re visiting friends or hosting a holiday get-together, spread a little joy with the irresistible flavours of the season such as mulled fruit drink and ginger thins.

A woman holds a bottle of VINTERSAGA mulled fruit drink in one hand and a present wrapped in red paper in the other.
A tin of VINTERSAGA ginger thins is on a table covered with a green floral pattern VINTERFINT tablecloth.

Delicious plant-based food for better taste and a better planet

Plant-based mince and ready-made veggie balls mean you can prepare tasty plant-based burgers yourself or enjoy the classic veggie balls straight from the freezer. Tastes like meat but made from pea protein.

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A hand holding a fork above a plate of HUVUDROLL plant balls and green vegetables on a wooden table beside some tea towels.
A packet of HUVUDROLL plant balls placed on a green surface beside diverse green vegetables such as green cabbage.
A frying pan full of shapable VÄRLDSKLOK plant mince with wooden spoon on a table with diverse food items, hands taking food.
Burgers made from shapable VÄRLDSKLOK plant mince on buns served with salad, plus bottles of sauces and condiments.
A packet of shapable VÄRLDSKLOK plant mince on a table with tomatoes, a white dish with greens and a frying pan of food.
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Cinnamon buns make every day sweeter

The cinnamon bun is a Swedish classic, a wheat dough bun with a buttery cinnamon filling decorated with sugar. It’s even got its own international day. But you can enjoy them any day you like.

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A person holding a wooden tray of KAFFEREP cinnamon buns on plates in a festive display with a name written above and a box.
Several KAFFEREP cinnamon buns on a metal oven grill, on a white surface above a tea towel with checked design.
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