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Swedish Food Market

Spring treats for the whole family

Why not spruce up your Spring decorations with the VÅRKÄNSLA milk choco eggs and milk chocolate bunny? They not only look great, they taste great too!

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A box of VÅRKÄNSLA milk chocolate eggs on a pink tablecloth, next to an ornate egg filled with colourful milk chocolate eggs.
An assembled VÅRKÄNSLA milk choco bunny on a tablecloth next to a pink cup, turquoise plates with cake and pink napkins.
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A plant ball for meat lovers (and for everyone else)

The HUVUDROLL plant ball is the perfect choice for everyone who wants to make a more sustainable choice without compromising on taste. And it has a climate footprint that’s just 4% of the traditional meatball’s.

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A hand holding a fork above a deep plate of HUVUDROLL plant balls and green vegetables on a wooden table by some tea towels.
A packet of HUVUDROLL plant balls on a table next to a frying pan, peas, an onion cut in half and a jar of black pepper.
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Cinnamon buns make every day sweeter

The cinnamon bun is a Swedish classic, a wheat dough bun with a buttery cinnamon filling decorated with sugar. It’s even got its own international day. But you can enjoy them any day you like.

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A person holding a wooden tray of KAFFEREP cinnamon buns on plates in a festive display with a name written above and a box.
Several KAFFEREP cinnamon buns on a metal oven grill, on a white surface above a tea towel with checked design.
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