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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we try to answer the most common questions we receive from you in the areas of Ordering, Online Shopping, Delivery, Complaints, Returns, Product Information, Services, Department Stores, IKEA for companies and IKEA Family.

  • You can request a change to the desired delivery date of your online order on the IKEA website.(Home > Customer Services > Tracking and managing your order > Manage your order)When looking up the order history, please enter the same information as you entered when ordering.But, the desired delivery date modification may vary depending on the stage of transportation process and your region.If you wish to change the delivery information such as the delivery address, please contact IKEA Customer Support Center.

  • [Change Delivery Date]

    Furniture Delivery

    If you want to change the delivery date of an online order, you can change it through the 'Order Management' function on the 'Customer Support' - 'Delivery Inquiry and Management' page on the IKEA website. Please enter the same account information used at the time of the order inquiry.

    • The delivery date can be changed by transportation step and region.
    • If you want to change the shipping address, please contact the IKEA Customer Support Center. However, the address cannot be changed after the product is shipped.



    In the case of courier delivery, due to the nature of the transportation industry, it cannot be canceled or changed if the product leaves the store or the logistics warehouse.


    [Change Product List]

    If you want to change or cancel part of your order, please contact the IKEA Customer Support Center and we will help you revise your order.However, please note that it is difficult to change the order when the product is ready.

    [Order Cancellation]

    You can apply for cancellation of the entire order directly from the 'Order Management' section on the IKEA website. If the cancellation process is difficult, please contact the IKEA Customer Support Center and the return fee may be charged depending on the delivery progress.Tracking and management

  • Where is IKEA Store and how can I find a location?

    IKEA stores are located in Gwangmyeong-Si, Goyang-Si, Yongin-si, and Busan-Si. You can find more at the store information page.

    IKEA Gwangmyeong Store
    IKEA Goyang store
    IKEA Giheung Store
    IKEA DongBusan Store

  • IKEA Store

    • For lost items, please find Return and Exchange desk if you are in store.
    • If you have already left the store, you can search your lost item via iLost and ask for return claim by yourself.
      It may take up to a day to update information on Lost & Found. Please take your time and start search from the next day.

    Lost before November 1st, 2021

    • If you lost your belongings before November 1st, 2021, please contact the IKEA Customer Support Center via the chat service.
  • IKEA does not sell hardware or parts for a fee. If you want parts, you can visit the store to request parts or apply for parts by yourself on the website parts application page.

    Apply for parts at the store

    It can only be provided when we have spare parts/parts in the store.

    Please prepare the product number and necessary part/part information, and if necessary, we can request a purchase history (order number or receipt).

    We can provide you after checking whether you have it or not through the store exchange refund corner or the customer support center.

    Customer Support Center

    Apply for parts online

    Please go to the bottom part application page, look at the application method, and apply for the part. If you prepare the corresponding part number in advance, you can apply quickly.

    Parts application page