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Assembly Service

The pieces and instruction booklet for an IKEA STOCKHOLM wooden chair, before assembly, neatly laid out on a grey floor.

Our products are specifically designed to be assembled by you. But if you’d like an extra hand, we can provide assembly service at your home or workplace. Letting us put it together for you can be a real time-saver, simply book the service for anything from a single piece of furniture to an entire PAX wardrobe system.


  • The base price for our Assembly service starts from ₩50,000
  • The service charge is calculated by adding up the price of the product that needs to be assembled.
    • Product price up to ₩249,999 = Service charge ₩50,000
    • Product price from ₩250,000 up to ₩499,999 = Service charge ₩100,000
    • Product price from ₩500,000 up to ₩749,999 = Service charge ₩150,000
    • Product price from ₩750,000 up to ₩999,999 = Service charge ₩200,000
    • Product price from ₩1,000,000 up to ₩1,499,999 = Service charge ₩250,000
    • Product price from ₩1,500,000 up to ₩1,999,999 = Service charge ₩300,000
    • Subsequently, each ₩500,000 increase in price will result in an additional ₩50,000 service charge.

How to book the service

For more information on booking our service, feel free to talk to one of our co-workers at your local IKEA store or contact us at 1670-4532. For online orders, please contact us at 1670-4532 within 24 hours from your purchase or register from your order page.

Points to note when using the service

  • IKEA assembly service is offered by independent companies contracted by IKEA. For more information on assembly service and available location, please contact us at 1670-4532.
  • Sofa assembly service costs ₩60,000. For armchairs and foot stools, please refer to general assembly price list.
  • If you miss your delivery on the scheduled delivery date and time, additional fees may apply.
  • Disposal of packaging is done in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Home furnishing accessories can be excluded in assembly service.
  • The lighting installation compatible with the closet costs an additional 10,000 won per unit. (Light installation service is not available alone).

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You can access nationwide assembly service directly from the independent non-IKEA service provider. Click the button below to connect with the platform.

* IKEA has no connection with their pricing and terms. Customer support of the service will be provided independently from the platform.