Assembly service

Pictogram of a person standing behind a power tool signifying assembly.

Assembly service

Our products are specifically designed to be assembled by you. But if you’d like an extra hand, we can provide assembly service at your home or workplace. Letting us put it together for you can be a real time-saver, simply book the service for anything from a single piece of furniture to an entire PAX wardrobe system. When we’re finished, we’ll take all the packaging with us and make sure that everything is recycled properly.


The base rate for our Assembly service is starting from ₩50,000.

Assembly service must be purchased with delivery service, pricing start at ₩50,000 based on value of merchandise. IKEA assembly service is offered by independent companies contracted by IKEA. 

Total purchase value to be assembled/Assembly price

  • ~ ₩249,999 / ₩50,000
  • ₩250,000 ~ ₩499,999 / ₩100,000
  • ₩500,000 ~ ₩749,999 / ₩150,000
  • ₩750,000 ~ ₩999,999 / ₩200,000
  • ₩1,000,000 ~ ₩1,499,999 / ₩250,000
  • ₩1,500,000 ~ ₩1,999,999 / ₩300,000
  • Every ₩500,000 / +₩50,000

Points to note when using the service

  • Sofa assembly service is ₩60,000. For armchairs and foot stools, please refer to normal assembly price list.
  • Additional delivery fee applies when customer missed scheduled delivery.
  • Assembly can be booked at the Furniture Sales Desk or Home Delivery Desk.
  • Disposal of packaging in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Please see a co-worker for availability according your delivery service zip code and other details.
  • Home furnishing accessories can be excluded in assembly service.

* Please refer to the relevant terms and conditions for details.

IKEA Assembly Service Terms & Conditions

Thank you for shopping at IKEA and choosing our assembly service. In order to ensure your service experience is successful, your participation is necessary.

Please ensure that:

  • An independent company has been contracted by IKEA to perform the assembly service.
  • Either you or your representative that is 18 years of age or older must be present to receive the merchandise at the agreed upon day and, if given, time window.
  • Before assembly team arrives, please make sure your remove any obstacles, give clear space for our team to work and children and animals are kept out of working area.
  • If you would like to change your service date or cancel your service, you must contact IKEA as soon as possible at 1670-4532. In order to avoid any fees, these changes must be communicated to IKEA before assembly service is executed. If these conditions cannot be met, extra fees may apply.
  • Assembly service is available only for articles on sales order in accordance to product instructions only.
  • For your safety, we do not mount furniture on dry wall. Please make sure the wall to be mounted with furniture is concrete or cement before your purchase. Any cost that incurred because you did not check the condition cannot be responsible for either IKEA or assembly team.
  • In no event shall IKEA and its assembly company be responsible or liable for any failure or delay in the performance of assembly service arising out of forces beyond its control, including, without limitation, natural catastrophes, work stoppages, accidents or acts of war. If IKEA and its assembly company is prevented from performing assembly service by reasons not caused by IKEA, IKEA and its assembly company shall be excused performance of assembly service. In such cases, IKEA and its assembly company shall not be liable for any damages, costs, or losses incurred by you and shall not obligated to pay any refund to you.
  • If you move the assembled products after service has been completed, IKEA or assemblers cannot be responsible for any damages.
  • At the completion of your assembly service, you will be asked to confirm your items. If there are any items missing or damaged, all the information must be written on the assembly confirmation note. We require this information to follow up with the company.


For more information, feel free to talk to one of our co-workers at your local IKEA store or contact us.


You can access nationwide assembly service directly from the independent non-IKEA service provider.

IKEA has no connection with their pricing and terms. Customer support of the service will be provided independently by the platform.