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Toys & play

Small Minds, Big Imaginations 

From soft toys for bedtime snuggles to arts and crafts for the creative minds, our collection of toys for kids is safe, BPA-free and full of fun. Let your children imagine their own worlds and dimensions playing in the HEMMAHOS colourful children’s tent. Make learning fun with our seven-piece loom set from the LUSTIGT collection, specially designed to help develop your child’s fine motor skills. Turn tidying-up into some family fun with LUSTIGT’s basket hoop that can double up as a door hamper. 

Little Jungle Explorers Or Budding Artists, What’s It Going To Be Today?

The truth is, toys are more than just child’s play. Toys, games, and crafts should also nurture the child’s development in thinking, logic, problem-solving, language, social skills, and dexterity. Games and toys encourage children to learn by playfully doing things themselves. Attractive and fun toys make playtime attractive and delightful for the child. Choose toys keeping in mind safety and non-toxic materials used. Let your little one’s imaginations take flight with our collection of toys for kids. 

Trigger the imagination of your young one

Toys that can be used in many different ways help a child stretch their imagination and creativity.  Ranging from kitchen sets from the DUKTIG series to Children'ss bedroom for their dolls from the HUSET series, our collection of role-play toys for kids motivates communication, creativity, logical thinking and general development. Toys that involve putting blocks together to build a shape or folding paper to make origami teach children spatial skills. 

Encourage physical play and coordination

Soft games from the LUSTIGT series like the lacing beads, skipping rope and the dart game develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Basket hoops are a fun way to introduce children to aiming and throwing. Skipping ropes are a great cardio activity for children who are missing their outdoor visit to the park or the playground. 

Help them create a world of their own

Play tents and canopies that sit on a secure frame are an excellent way to bring your child’s imaginary world alive. Toys that also invite adults to join in the fun help you and your little one enjoy playtime adventures together. 

Games that encourage logical thinking

Board games for the whole family provide hours of entertainment for all ages. They also teach children the importance of logical thinking, strategy, teamwork, and playing by the rules. Games that use patterns and colours are easier for very young children to enjoy. Those that use words and numbers are better suited to older children.

A special snuggly toy is the essence of childhood

Our collection of soft toys are the perfect companion for your child’s imaginary adventures or for snuggling during bedtime. Soft toys should be chosen for their cuddliness as well as for safety. A well-loved soft toy will also have to be tough enough to endure years of use and regular washing.

Encourage your budding artist or crafter

Arts and crafts feed the imagination and improve dexterity. Paints and colour pencils teach children to add colour to make pictures more fun. The MALA series has everything your budding artist needs from easels to sketch pens. Children who are learning to write or draw tend to decorate the walls and furniture with their graffiti. A child who uses a chalkboard is less likely to embellish the rest of the home with their artistic creations.

Paints and colouring books are notoriously difficult for a child to put back in place. The MÅLA paint/draw storage provides your child with a paper roll of fun images to colour along with handy storage for pencils and paints. While some children have the artistic patience to wield pencil and brushes to create art, others want results faster. Choose paint rollers and stamp kits for children who like their art results instantly. An apron will keep little artists from making a mess of their clothes.  Non-toxic and easy to wash paints and colours give you peace of mind.

Teach them good habits when they are young

Picking toys up after play and putting them away can be made into a fun activity. Check out our TROFAST storage combinations with boxes to put away the toys when playtime’s over. The low frames with guide rails and light plastic boxes make it easy for the little hands to reach and organise their favourite toys. The process of sorting and arranging playthings is an activity that teaches tidying up, reasoning and logic.