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Changing, bathing & potty

We’re All About Your Baby Too.

Caring for your baby means that you need to use the safest materials out there. We’ll help you with that - our baby care mats, Baby towels & wash cloths, potty seaters and other items are made of harmless plastic. Get started with one of our SUNDVIK changing tables, which you can easily use even after your baby grows past the diaper age. And when it’s time for your little one to wean from the diapers, a LOCKIG baby potter seater will help them do the job.

From Nappy Changes To Potty Training - We Are With Every Step Of The Way

With our SUNDVIK changing tables, your child’s safety is the first thing on our mind. This model has drawer stops and wall fixtures to prevent any part from tipping over. Its drawers allow you to easily store baby powder, diapers, lotions - whatever you need. You can safely change your baby on this, and be sure to fit it with a VADRA baby care mat. It’s soft, easy to carry, and its raised edges keep your little one secure in one place. And when your kids outgrow diapers, you can convert these changing tables into a simple chest of drawers. Even a LOCKIG baby potty seater from our collection is super safe and practical choice. Fitted with an anti-slip base, it’ll stay in place while your child has their independent moment on the potty. We’ve got everything for your baby’s hygiene needs, even some handy washcloths. Our KRAMA washcloths are thin and made of soft cotton to keep your baby smiling.