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Bunk beds

Bedtimes Just Got More Fun!

Make your kid feel like the king or queen or their own castle with our range of bunk beds. We’ve designed them to be safe, comfortable, and fun for your little ones. They save space too, so your kids can do something exciting with the room for an extra bed. Our VITVAL comes with a desktop so your kid has a nook for studying as well. And if you have more than one child at home or your kid loves sleepovers, there’s the TUFFING and SVÄRTA series that ensure the little ones get a goodnight’s sleep.

A sleeping nook, study area or even a secret castle

Sleeping in bunk beds might be every child’s fantasy. After all, they give your little ones their own space to rule over. Our collection makes their dreams come true while keeping them safe. The sturdy VITVAL loft bed frame comes with a desktop attached to it, creating a cosy nook for your kid to study and sleep in! There’s a handy pegboard on the desk for them to attach little notes and fabric guardrails on the beds that keep them safe from bumps in the night. We let them arrange their own space too - the desktop and ladder can be mounted on the left or right side. Got more than one kid? Check out our TUFFING and SVÄRTA series. They save floor space by stacking one bed on top of the other - more room for playtime! The TUFFING beds are lower too, so you can easily keep a watchful eye over your little ones. As we care for your kid’s safety, we’ve made sure our bunk beds pass every safety test.

At what age can a child use a bunk bed?

Bunk beds are very convenient to save space in a child’s room. However, a child has to be old enough to safely climb up and down the bed, especially at night. The general guidelines state that a child under six years of age should not use a bunk bed or a higher bed. Parents are the best to judge if their 6-year-old can safely climb up and down a bunk bed ladder. 

Advantages of bunk beds

Bunk beds are a good way of sleeping two children in the same room and saving the space that a second cot would take up. Bunk beds give children their own private sleeping space despite sharing the same room. A bunk bed such as the VITVAL loft bed frame with a desktop allows you to place a desk and create a study area under the bed. This leaves more space in the room for play or other furniture

Adults in bunk beds

Bunk beds designed to bear the weight of an adult can be used comfortably by an adult to sleep in. The suitability of your bunk bed for an adult depends on the specifications set out by the manufacturer.

Guidelines for the use of bunk beds

Assemble bunk beds as instructed, with no parts of hardware missing. The bunk bed should be placed on a level floor and be stable. Check the bed, ladder and guard rails periodically for safety. If the manufacturer recommends it, use an anchor to prevent tipping over the bunk bed. There should be bo gap between a bunk bed and a wall. The room should be tall enough to fit in a bunk bed as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The top-level should not allow access to electrical fittings and ceiling fans for safety reasons.

Use the correct size mattress for the bed. The thickness of the mattress should be such that the top of the mattress should be at least 5 inches lower than the guard rails for safety reasons. 

Night lights make it easier for children to use the bunk bed ladder at night. Children should not be allowed to use an upper bunk bed for playing. Avoid attaching handles or ropes to the bed as they might cause a hazard. Entry and exit to the bunk bed should be via the ladder only. Do not use water mattresses on a bunk bed. 

Weight limits for a bunk bed

Strictly follow the manufacturer’s guidelines about weight limits for each bunk bed model. 

Three sleeper bunks

Three sleeper bunks have a double bed on the lower level and a single bunk on the upper level. 

Loft beds vs bunk beds

Bunk beds generally have a bed on the lower level and another on the upper level. A loft bed is a kind of bunk bed with a bed on the top level and uses the lower level for other purposes such as storage, study or play. A bunk bed is ideal when you have two children to accommodate in the same room. If you need to accommodate only one child in the room, you can give the child the excitement of a bunk bed and free up some floor space using a loft bed. 

Complete the bed with our children’s mattresses and children’s bed linen.