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Food containers

What’s In Store For Lunch Today?

Get our collection of food containers and save up on energy preparing meals every day - store and reheat your leftovers in our IKEA 365+ glass box. Or, you can choose our FULLASTAD range of 3 boxes and pack a homemade lunch for yourself instead of eating out. Both the boxes come with a snap and lock lid that seals in liquids and aroma and keeps your food stay fresh longer. Perfect for storing cut up ingredients and fruits, PRUTA, with multiple, different-sized boxes, keeps your refrigerator neatly stacked.  

From Meal Preps To Leftovers, We’ve Got Your Food Situation Contained

Yesterday’s kheer left over? Got the portions wrong making pasta? Our food containers keep your leftovers fresh for a longer time. The IKEA 365+ has a glass body that lets you check what’s stored inside and withstands rounds in the microwave. We’ve designed it with a snap and lock lid that seals aroma and liquids within - no more spills in your bag or letting the whole office know what you’ve got for lunch. Our plastic FULLASTAD range also comes with similar lids, and the set of 3 boxes in different sizes are perfect for packing your kid’s school lunches. If you love prepping your meals, our PRUTA set of seventeen food containers is just right for you. Chop up your fruits and veggies beforehand and stash them in the fridge - the varying sizes of the boxes keep it organised and saves space. 

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