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Clean energy from IKEA

We need electricity to enjoy the comforts of our home. Many people would like to be independent, to produce their own clean electricity and to reap financial rewards as a result – this is why we have developed the SOLSTRÅLE solar offer. Together with our business partner, we are offering solar installations of every size, for every roof and every situation in life.

The solution rises every morning. So let's rise to the challenge together.

To help tackle climate change, we have decided to make our operations energy independent, producing as much renewable energy as we consume by 2020.

Solar power is a renewable and clean energy source. So far we have over 900,000 solar panels on our stores and other buildings. But what we do is one thing. We also want to encourage our customers to contribute by providing products and solutions that enable them to live more sustainably.

One example of that is our IKEA Home Solar Business.

A future filled with sunshine

We have launched a battery range so you can store solar power for when the sun isn’t shining. BYD avoids using questionable materials and therefore provides a genuinely sustainable solution for storing clean solar power.

We are also familiar with the many advantages of heat pumps – the heating technology which emits the least amount of CO2. A solar installation connected to a heat pump is an unbeatable team for every home! Compare the various heating methods here and use our heat pump calculator to work out exactly how much this clean heating method would cost in your home.

If you’ve never heard of Home Solar, it’s because it’s a new business for IKEA and we have only launched it on five markets. We really want to make home solar widely available as soon as possible, and luckily it shouldn't be too long now. When it comes to fighting global warming, we've got no time to lose.

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