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A small, narrow, and private balcony

Soak up some sunshine on your balcony, no matter how small or narrow. With the right kind of storage and shade from a FLISÖ half-sized parasol, you’ll be able to rest, relax and recharge the hours away outside.

STACKHOLMEN stool is a comfortable place to sit and drink your morning coffee. Having breakfast guests? Foldable chairs are ideal for saving space on small balconies, and as extra seating.

A slanted black metal plant stand holding potted microgreens.

Think vertical

To create storage space on small balconies, think vertical: use your walls to mount storage units, or get a planter with multiple shelves so you can grow as many herbs as you want.

Block the harsh rays

Balconies are often built too close for comfort — so create your own privacy screen using a few fabric pieces and a rod. Textiles help block light, and can also add a dash of colour to your balcony. Sheerer materials give the benefit of both privacy and natural light.

Stay outside all day long underneath the cosy glow of a few string lights. Use a mix of battery-driven and solar powered types, so you can have light anytime, day or night. Keep all the cords contained in a small box or basket so they are hidden from view (and also blend in with your balcony’s style).