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Laundry series

Adaptable storage to fit your needs

BOAXEL is a highly versatile and flexible storage system that works even in small spaces. It’s perfect for creating functional open wardrobes, laundry and bathroom storage, hallway storage, pantry shelving solutions and also closed-balcony storage.

Easy organisation for your clothes

Forget about clothes left on the floor. The MULIG storage series offers the basics you need for sorting, storing and drying your garments – even in the smallest of spaces. They’re a super affordable way to take care of your clothes and get an overview of what you can wear to work today or to that party tonight.

Storage boxes made for stacking

Our SAMLA series is ideal for storing a lot of stuff without taking up a lot of space. All the boxes are stackable, as they have lids and the size of the small ones is proportionate to the large ones. Also, they all have grips and are made of a see-through material, so it’s easy to find something without having to open all the boxes.

The ultimate pegboard

SKÅDIS is an extremely versatile pegboard that you can rearrange endless times. Add containers, shelves, letter holders and elastics and keep your things organised and tidily gathered where you can always find them. Place it in your kitchen to arrange your tools, in the hallway to quickly grab your things on the way out, in the bathroom for your daily necessities, or on your desk to keep all the small things at hand and never lose a paper clip again.

Help your wardrobe manage your clothes

If chaos is king inside your drawers or wardrobe, our SKUBB storage series puts you back in charge. The boxes and hanging organisers in different sizes mean you can divide and rule your clothes, shoes and accessories so you find everything fast.

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