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Trend color - emerald green

Colour palettes inspired by nature are the key to interior design trends in 2022. One of the most popular shades this year is emerald green, because green can evoke strong emotions and, due to its connection with nature, awakens feelings of renewal, freshness, vitality and harmony in you.

A carpet in various shades of green, artfully draped and set in soft light with a bouquet of birds and golden picture frames
A carpet in various shades of green, artfully draped and set in soft light with a bouquet of birds and golden picture frames

Colour green: Natural and harmonious

Deep emerald green and quartz green are currently in vogue, but other shades are also coming into play, including earthy, herbal nuances like sage, but also various shades of green and blue that are reminiscent of the sea. While most greens are naturally calming, emerald green in particular has a strong grounding effect. It's also multi-faceted, so you can pair it with almost any accent or neutral colour.

Emerald green
A room with a dressing table on which various make-up utensils are placed, a chair in front of it. Several shelves hang on the wall
A half-height shelf in green with several baskets and decorative elements
A green, transparent vase with dried flowers that have spherical blossoms
A half-height emerald green cabinet with transparent, net-like doors made of metal, inside and on top of it a houseplant with green leaves

    Set accents

    Bring this trend colour into your home and boldly accentuate your existing furniture with different shades of green at the same time - in the form of textured textiles, soft rugs and cushions. Decorate with large houseplants and easy-to-care-for succulents that contrast beautifully with terracotta tones and natural fibres, such as wicker chairs and linen fabrics.

    A dark green cabinet, the upper part of which has glass cabinet doors, in which various busts made of clay and stone are stored.
      A wing chair in green velvet with a matching stool stands in front of a window with dark grey linen curtains and next to a dining table on which a large vase with flowers stands

        Timelessly beautiful

        Green is a fantastic colour and offers you a sanctuary at home when the stress of your everyday life has caught up with you. As a relaxing colour from nature, it revitalises the mind and body, promotes optimism, hope and balance and restores our well-being. So let's go: let the shimmer of green work its magic in your rooms!

        An L-shaped kitchen with green fronts and green-painted wall above a narrow white tiled backsplash, with many different picture frames hanging on the wall
          A washbasin with a vanity unit that is partly open, partly fitted with drawers and contains natural-coloured baskets, above which hang a mirrored cabinet and open wall shelves.
            A living room with a round dining table, couch and a wood-coloured, half-height cupboard made of bamboo in front of a sage-coloured wall and a bright raffia ceiling lamp

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