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Living in light: 4 ways to light your activities

When it comes to selecting lighting for your home, it’s not just about picking one you like the look of, but even more so about how you want to feel. It’s about creating a space that supports everything you love to do, making it easier and more comfortable. Think about: what activities fill your days and your space? How can light make it even better? Then follow these tips:

A shot from above of a lamp lighting a woman while she’s reading on the sofa.
A shot from above of a lamp lighting a woman while she’s reading on the sofa.

1. A room is never used for just one purpose, so why light it in just one way? Consider an indirect light for those times you’re surfing online, and a more direct light for activities that require more concentration, like reading.

2. For those of us who find great joy in reading, nothing beats the feeling of settling down in your favourite spot with a good book. But shadows can be distracting when you’re trying to concentrate, and also strain your eyes. Always make sure to light from your non-dominant side. So if you’re right-handed, light from the left to help avoid those pesky shadows.

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Interior designer: Geneviève Jorn
Photographer: Sandra Werud