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Interior design trend: Scandi Boho style

When two styles collide and create something new

Scandi is short for Scandinavian style, and Boho is short for bohemian. Both styles are unique to their own, but when they are combined they create a wonderful interior style: Scandi Boho. Discover our ideas and get inspired to style your own home with this unique mix of Scandinavian look and bohemian accessories.

A cosy bedroom in earthy tones and materials. A wooden bed has many layers of textiles on top. In the back the white wooden panneling is visible.
A rattan armchair with a comfortable cushion, some extra pillows that are made of soft textiles and a basket on the very top.
A green glass vase is sitting on a window sill next to white vases and a green tendrils are emerging from it.
An IVAR shelving unit with bamboo doors, combined with beautiful wooden accessories, glass vases and functional lights on top of the unit.
A minimalist Dining room in natural tones with a bamboo table, wicker chairs and a wooden storage unit on the wall.

Scandi Boho​ is a cosy, simple, and down-to-earth style!

Mafalda SilvaCountry Interior Design Leader

This style works best when architectural elements like walls and doors are white. The furniture is a mix between Scandinavian functionality and simplicity combined with the unconventional and artistic boho style. Scandi Boho is all about how you feel more than the looks. Keep it simple and functional.

Start with a foundation of white and off-white colours with sustainable and natural monochromatic soft textiles, and add light wood furniture, and waved elements like wicker and macrame, and lots of house plants and greenery.

To finish it off and to create a cosy atmosphere, add accessories and textiles, especially woven elements, like linen and cotton. A homemade touch rounds off your perfect Scandi Boho room. 

Your Scandi Boho haven

Make your most private space comfortable, cosy, and functional to enjoy every hour of the day. Natural tones and soft fabrics will help you relax and create a quiet refuge. The combination of closed and open storage offers you the flexibility to organize your space based on your individual needs. Functional lighting on top and on the side of the bed will provide you with the light needed for your daily activities.

A white HEMNES bed is standing in a bright bedroom. The walls are made from white stained wood planks, on the floor you can see a small natural rug, and in the celing you can see wooden beams that belond to the structure of the house. .
A white HEMNES chest of drawers is stading right next to a white planked wall. Above it is a rail with hooks, where a hat and some other accessories are hanged.

Style your home with textiles and accessories

Light and natural colours not only complement the Scandi-Boho style, but they also have a biological and psychological effect, which can also positively impact your health and wellbeing. Psychologically, light can decrease depression scores and even increase cognitive performance such as reaction time and activation. Key Icons in this style are lamps, candles, and plants, that help you to brighten your space and add a natural touch to it.

Plant pots, made from woven natural fibre, are standing on a wodden shelf. The flowers are reaching into the sun that comes in from a nearby window.
A SYMFONISK speaker lamp is sitting on a sideboard next to some collectibles and decoration items.