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Home visit: how to set up a plant station

Keen to grow your own but not sure where to start? See how easy it is to propagate your favourite plants from a cutting with this step-by-step guide…

Plants, soil, string and scissors on a wooden bench.
Plants, soil, string and scissors on a wooden bench.

Get growing. Watch Miriam take a cutting from her favourite plant and propagate a brand new one. Here’s how…

1. First, cut a stem that has two or three leaves from the mother plant, just below the nodes (the point at which shoots emerge from the root system).

2. Place the cutting into a container of water and pour in a small amount of rooting powder. Use a glass so you can see when the new roots sprout!

3. Position the cutting to propagate in a bright spot with enough light. Now wait and watch the roots grow! Depending on the plant, the process can take from a couple of days to several weeks.

4. Once the roots are long enough, it’s time to put the cutting in soil.

I feel so much love for my plants. Seeing them grow makes me happy. Giving away cuttings to family and friends is a great way to spread the love

Miriam, Switzerland

Miriam’s five-step guide to happy plants:

1. Water large, leafy plants every other day, if needed. Test the soil with a finger and if it’s dry, add water. Succulents and cacti only need watering once a week – place them in a bowl of water for an hour.

2. Wash smaller, green plants in the shower once a week if they get dusty. With bigger plants, wipe off any dust with a damp cloth.

3. Regularly check for dead or yellow leaves and remove any with scissors. Dead leaves take energy away from the healthy ones.

4. With tropical plants, use a humidifier to make sure the humidity is between 60 and 70%.

5. Every three months, add a fertiliser stick to the soil.

Plant power. ‘Plants are so important to me – I really feel that the energy has changed in this house,’ says Miriam. ‘I bought one plant, then two, and now I have more than 150!’ Take a tour of Miriam’s plant-filled home.

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Interior stylist: Ashlyn Gibson
Photographer: Benjamin Edwards
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