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Capri style: Italian lifestyle for your terrace

The island in the south of Italy is the epitome of "Dolce Vita". Inspired by the sun, the sea and the olive groves of southern Italy, our interior designer Nicole shows you how you can easily copy the Capri style and bring the Mediterranean holiday feeling home.

Colours and materials

The colour palette is fundamental to the recognisability of the Capri style and is inspired by the colours of the island. Fresh sea blue, bright lemon yellow and the rich tones of the earth give your outdoor area a southern charm. To create an inviting seating area, outfit it with plenty of soft cushions and lightweight blankets. Go for sustainable materials like linen, cotton and viscose. These are easy to care for, comfortable even in warmer temperatures and invite you to linger.

Plants and herbs

The greenery should also be reminiscent of the Mediterranean coast. Arrange fragrant herbs such as rosemary and basil together with olive and lemon trees and various cacti into small groups. Presented on practical plant stands or side tables, they become a special eye-catcher.

Table decoration and accessories

Italy is known for its excellent cuisine. That's why it deserves a real eye-catching dining table.

A cheerful mix of white plates and blue bowls, along with decorative shells from the last beach holiday and a few fresh lemons conjure up a Mediterranean atmosphere.

A simple coconut cord serves as a napkin ring, decorated with rosemary and olive branches. All that's missing now is the pasta and a refreshing drink.


Two rustic lampshades made of woven seaweed create the right mood after dark - even if you don't have electricity. With the TOSTHULT LED bulb you have light everywhere. The bulbs are rechargeable and can be screwed into any E27 lamp socket.

Another decorative light source are lanterns. They are ideal for outdoor use and are most beautiful when you arrange two or three in a group.


A gazebo is a practical shade provider and at the same time a feast for the eyes on your terrace. For the Capri look, we have also fitted the frame with airy white curtains. This creates a pleasant retreat where you can doze off wonderfully.

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