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Live in an eco-friendly and sustainable way simply by separating your waste!

It’s high time we do something to combat environmental pollution – especially since it’s actually so easy to do. We all need to take an active role, no matter how small – the impact will be huge! By separating waste and diligently recycling, for example, we are taking on mountains of rubbish and helping to reuse resources!

This is something we do at IKEA, and you can easily do this too: all you need is a couple of smart containers and a good system! If you want to do your bit by separating your rubbish, you can make this as easy as possible: Ideally, you should create a proper recycling station close to the door – so you don’t need to travel far to do your bit for the environment, and separating rubbish will take no time at all. The recycling and waste containers should be easy to clean, compact and stackable, or have other smart features available. Nobody said that doing good for the environment should be a chore! With us, you’ll find a whole host of good ideas on how separating your rubbish and recycling not only couldn’t be easier, but can also look really good – so you can simply leave rubbish bins and empty containers in the kitchen rather than having to hide them elsewhere! And another tip: Use only containers that are easy to close – this will prevent any unpleasant odours. Particularly if you don’t produce a lot of rubbish, it will often remain in the container for longer. It’s important to ensure that everything remains perfectly hygienic. That way, fruit flies and other annoying pests that like to hang around rubbish no longer stand a chance.

By the way: There are containers that you can use to separate your rubbish at your IKEA store. This means, you’ll be taking less rubbish home with you! You can even give us your worn-out LEDs – just in case these long-lasting wonders ever do actually stop working.