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Nursery furniture

Changing tables for comfort and growing

With all IKEA changing tables you get a comfortable height to work at and storage that lets you reach what you need easily. You can even convert some into other furniture to use as your child grows.

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A SUNDVIK changing table/chest of drawers with a KLAPPA mobile hanging above sits near a window in a children’s room.
A SNIGLAR changing table stands in a bedroom. The SUNDVIK crib in white stands right next to it.
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With a baby on the way, you want to be as prepared as possible. Not only for the big event, but with the nursery as well. Because despite being so itty bitty small, the number of things a baby needs is quite big.

So where do you start? What are the most important items? Let us give you a helping hand in setting up your nursery, so you can tick off another thing from that mile-long to-do list. Here, you’ll find all the baby furniture you need to create a stunningly beautiful space for your little one. From cots to toy storage, in the same series or mixed, we’ve got you covered.

The top three nursery furniture you need

When your baby has finally arrived, the last thing you want to discover is that you’re missing essential baby equipment. So we’re here to help guide you to the top three items you’ll be really glad to have set up in advance.

A quality cot

This might not be what comes to mind at first, as you’ll probably have a baby basket already. But babies grow faster than you think. So a comfortable cot is necessary to get early, so it’s ready the moment you need it. A good, comfy cot will help your little one get a good night’s sleep. And let’s not forget that a good night’s sleep for your baby, means the same for you!

Optimal storage

When it comes to baby clothes and toys, the number of items tend to quickly quadruple. That’s why there’s no such thing as “too much storage” when it comes to nurseries and children’s rooms. Combine chests of drawers with wardrobes to maximise the storage of clothes, towels, and blankets. And keep the nursery clutter-free by organising toys and books with the help of space-saving toy storage.

A practical baby changing table

Changing diapers may not be what you are most looking forward to when having a baby. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable. But the process can be made a lot easier with a good baby changing table with built-in storage. That way, you have all the baby products you need within arm's reach. Changing will be done in a jiffy when you have everything from nappies and wet wipes, to washcloths and baby powder easily accessible.

Baby furniture sets

If you’re looking for nursery furniture sets, you should check out our SUNDVIK, SMÅSTAD or perhaps GULLIVER series. That way, you can coordinate the items to make sure they match. Or just go ahead and mix and match as you please!