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Take part in our #Veganuary2023 challenge

After all the feasting over the holiday season, starting the new year with a plant-based diet is both good for your health and for the climate – since a plant-based diet is much more climate-friendly than one with animal products. IKEA promotes a more sustainable lifestyle, which is why we will support Veganuary in January with delicious vegan offers in our Swedish restaurants and Swedish Food Markets.

Read on to find out everything we have planned for you this month.  

Recipe ideas

The idea behind Veganuary is to show how delicious and straightforward a plant-based diet can be. And absolutely anyone can join in – no matter whether you just want to try out being a flexitarian or are planning on going completely vegan sometime in the future. The great thing about it is that a varied vegan diet is not only good for you; it’s also better for the environment since every time you abstain from eating meat, you are helping to reduce our planet’s CO2 pollution.

HUVUDROLL plant ball recipe ideas

Little things can make a big difference. Just like our new plant balls. They have the same great taste and texture as our IKEA meatballs, but just 4% of the environmental footprint. In other words, they are just as delicious, but a whole lot smarter. Why not give them a go!

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