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How to host overnight guests in a small-space home

Hosting guests when you don't have a separate guest space can be a challenge – but you can make it work! Learn how you can set up a space-efficient arrangement that’s relaxing and enjoyable for all.

Living room interior where a wide bed stands behind a room divider made of a RIGGA clothes rack and VÅRELD bedspreads.
Living room interior where a wide bed stands behind a room divider made of a RIGGA clothes rack and VÅRELD bedspreads.

Set up a wall for privacy

A room divider is effective for sectioning off personal space in a shared area like a living room. Use a clothes rack – or better yet, two in a row – to create a temporary wall that helps put both guest and host at ease. Also, it offers a spot to hang party outfits.

Snacks and drinks within reach

Running errands around your space can make your visitors feel intrusive. To help them feel more at home, set up a small cart or nightstand as a station with basic refreshments. If there is room for personal things and a good read, even better.

Just in case: a pop-up vanity nook

A small complement to your bathroom will likely be a welcome addition (since it tends to be occupied even without company), enabling guests to get ready for the day without changing your morning routine too much.

No matter how close you are with your guests, hosting someone in a small home can easily create unnecessary tension. On the other hand, a few adjustments will go a long way towards creating comfort for all.

Kristina Pospelova, IKEA interior designer

Always the perfect light

We all have our own ideas about light – before, during and after sleep. Let your guests decide with a dimmable, remote-controlled bulb (and without having to move). Add black-out roller blinds and curtains, and you cover all possibilities.

Electronics department

WiFi and a charged phone aren’t recognized as basic human needs – yet – but it’s a close call. A good host should offer the essentials: WiFi passwords, cables, adaptors and the power to run them all.

All bolstered up for a good night’s sleep

Bathrobes and slippers add a hotel-like dimension to a guest's stay. They also simplify moving about when you’re less than fully clothed. For absolute hospitality, arrange a comfort kit including an ergonomic pillow and throw blankets for temperature adjustment.

The vanishing hotel-room trick

Hosting guests has its upsides. But getting back to normal is a reward in itself. Luckily, restoring the room will only a few minutes. Naturally, the same goes for prepping for a new round of guests.

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