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Boosting your bedroom with textiles

Do you want to sleep better or give your bed a quick makeover? From comfortable bedsheets to soft rugs, cushions to curtains, you can make your bedroom better in easy, budget-friendly ways with home textiles.

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A bedroom setting with floral bedding and a pink throw draped over the side of a white daybed.
A bedroom setting with a white bed, and a blue BERGPALM duvet neatly made on top. A multi colored RAKLEV rug sits to the side of the bed.
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A bedroom setting with curtains displayed in sections behind the bed, revealing a closet with clothes hanging behind.

High standards. Lower prices.

We work hard every day to keep our prices as low as possible for you. We're lowering the price on some of our most popular products to help you get the most out of your home. With the quality and style you’re looking for at an affordable price, you can make your dream home a reality.

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Relax your body, mind and décor

The new VALLKRASSING cushion cover and throw add a laid-back look to your home, thanks to the crinkle effect and raw edges. Plus, the fabric is super soft and airy, perfect for quick (or looong) naps or cozy nights binge-watching your favourite shows.

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A person wearing a terracotta-coloured dress is holding three VALLKRASSING throws, two off-white and one grey-green.
Three off-white VALLKRASSING cushion covers and two grey-green are stacked on a chair against a mustard-coloured wall.
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Layered curtains made easy with track rails

Layered curtains à la hotel windows are actually quite easy to achieve and can be hung in your own home with these VIDGA track rails. They are simple to use and can be cut to the size you need. Combine sheer curtains with heavier ones to add depth to a room and provide privacy.

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A window is dressed with layered curtains, white TIBAST curtains and dark beige DYTÅG curtains, hung on VIDGA track rails.
A dark yellow BINGSTA armchair stands in the corner of a room by a window, with layered curtains hung on VIDGA track rails.
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Textiles to cozy up your space

Step into our world of home textiles, where comfort and style come together effortlessly. Our home textile collection isn't just about fabrics; it's about making your home feel warm, personal, and functional.

Why throws and blankets make a difference

Textiles are more than just looks; they're about creating cozy spaces. Picture draping a comfy throw over your sofa or snuggling up in a soft blanket on a chilly night. It's not just about warmth; it's like getting a comforting hug from your home. Our range includes textures and colours that turn your space into a sanctuary.

Mixing textiles made easy

Ever wondered how to mix different textiles? Mixing textures and patterns is an art, and we're here to help you get creative. Combine smooth and rough, light, and heavy – layering textiles adds depth. Cushions, curtains, and rugs can play together seamlessly, creating a symphony of comfort and style.

Textiles beyond décor

Now, let's talk practicality. Beyond looks, our textiles are practical multitaskers. Curtains that tame the morning sun, cushion covers that survive family movie nights, and sturdy tablecloths for messy dinner parties. Our textiles aren't just eye candy; they're reliable partners in your daily life.

Caring for your textiles

Don't worry; it's easier than you think. Most of our home textiles and fabrics are machine washable, and a gentle touch is all it takes. Check the care labels for specific instructions, but trust us, keeping our textiles beautiful and soft is a breeze.

In the world of home textiles, where threads and trends meet, we've put together a collection that speaks to your desires, fits your lifestyle, and effortlessly blends into your home. Embrace the magic of textiles – where comfort meets character, and style mingles with everyday life.