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When home feels happy, you do too

Living well can often feel like hard work – but at IKEA, we believe that our homes have the power to impact our well-being, our mood, and our lives. So a well-designed living space can make anyone’s home happier. (Even the home of a grumpy troll.)

And when home feels happy, you do too.

  • ♪ [eerie music plays] ♪

    A woman driving a car with her son in the backseat stops in front of a toll bridge at night. She reaches out of her car window and hands over a few coins to the grumpy Troll.

    The toll bridge opens, allowing the car to pass. The camera pans to the back of the car with the kid staring at the Troll as they drive into the night.

    The next day, the little boy takes a detour on his way home from school. As he tries to peep from above, the Troll is seen living under the bridge with only a lit candle. As the little boy approaches the Troll's home, the candle blows out. The Troll tries lighting his matchstick and grunts in frustration. Thunder rumbles loudly and the kid runs away.

    The camera cuts to the sleepless little boy flicking the light switch of his bedside lamp late at night, as the storm continues.

    Next morning, the kid drags a heavy FRAKTA bag up a hill and to the Troll's home. After the boy is confronted by the Troll, the camera cuts to them setting up the Troll's home under the bridge.

    ♪ [hopeful music plays] ♪

    The Troll's face lights up when he sees the little boy turn on the table lamp. He then kicks open a rolled up rug as the kid is seen setting up the dresser.

    The camera cuts to the Troll holding an Allen key. As the frame slowly zooms out, the kid and the Troll are seen assembling an IKEA chair using the Allen key, laughing together. As the Troll's home slowly starts to come together, they are seen adding cushions to the Troll's bed and armchair.

    [V.O. in a Swedish accent] When home feels happy, you do too.

    The camera pans out to show the finished design of the Troll's home. The space has transformed from a damp, dark place to a comforting and inviting home. The Troll smiles at the little boy, marveling at the transformation.

    The camera zooms out to show the Troll and the little boy sitting under the bridge, fishing, as life resumes to normalcy above, with cars crossing the bridge freely.

    [V.O. reads IKEA logo and text on screen] IKEA. Bring Home to Life.

Household products organized in a room using EKET wall cabinets and a EKENABBEN open shelf unit.

    Find your work/life/everything-in-between balance

    ​Balance doesn’t have to feel so elusive. Find more room in your home, your day and your mind by giving every item in your life its own space. A shelf for your knick knacks, a drawer for your notebooks, a tray table for your loose sheets. Everything has a home within your home. 

    Green JÄTTEBO sofa with a printed cushion cover in focus and solid colored cushions in the back.

      Escape to the great indoors

      When you’re out of vacation days and stuck deep in a concrete jungle, it’s time to turn your home into a lush, serene escape. Flex your green thumb with real blooms or fake it with botanical textiles and artwork. Refresh your space with organic materials, natural textures and clean accents to bring the great outdoors inside - no travel or bug spray needed. 

      A kitchen with yellow walls and an island with a SYMFONISK speaker, a chopping board with a loaf of bread, and bowls of fruit on top.

        Let the bright in

        It doesn’t matter if you’re an early bird or prefer to start your day at noon, getting out of bed isn’t easy. And on gray mornings, it’s even harder. But you don’t need big windows to create a sunny space - use bright pops of colour, clean lines and functional lighting to energize your home. You’ll feel more awake, no matter how many times you press the snooze button.

        Rendering of living room display with olive green walls.

        Designer ideas & inspiration

        Our IKEA designers share their home furnishing knowledge and room design ideas to help Bring Home to Life.

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