ROSENSKÄRM Ergonomic pillow, side/back sleeper, 13x20 "
ROSENSKÄRM Ergonomic pillow, side/back sleeper, 13x20 "
ROSENSKÄRM Ergonomic pillow, side/back sleeper, 13x20 "
ROSENSKÄRM Ergonomic pillow, side/back sleeper, 13x20 "
ROSENSKÄRM Ergonomic pillow, side/back sleeper, 13x20 "
ROSENSKÄRM Ergonomic pillow, side/back sleeper, 13x20 "

An ergonomic pillow filled with goodness. Different heights give proper support to both side and back sleepers. Inside, a layer of moldable foam and a layer of supportive foam provide ultimate comfort.

Article Number504.443.68

Product details

If you’re a side sleeper use the higher part of this ergonomic pillow and if you’re a back sleeper use the lower part. If you change positions often, turn it around and decide which side suits you best.Not too hard, not too soft. This ergonomic pillow has a layer of soft foam and a layer of denser foam to give your head and neck snug comfort with just the right support.The memory foam top layer molds to the contours of the body and relieves pressure at head, neck and shoulders. It provides good comfort regardless of the temperature in your room.Choose this ergonomic pillow if you are a back or side sleeper.The soft fabric cover breathes and wicks away moisture.The cover is easy to remove and machine-wash at 140°F (60°C). This keeps your pillow nice and fresh, and wards off unwanted dust mites.Fits ROSENSKÄRM pillowcase for ergonomic pillow.236 thread count.Thread count indicates the number of threads per square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count the more densely woven the fabric.This product is flammability tested in accordance to standard CAN/CGSB 4.2 No 27.5 and meets the requirement of flame spread time ≥7.1 sec.This product is flammability tested and complies with standard EN ISO 12952-1.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Cover:99 % polyester, 1% elastane
    Filling:Polyurethane memory foam, Polyurethane foam
    Piping/ Inner fabric:100 % polyester
    PillowDo not wash.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.
    Pillow coverMachine wash very hot, normal cycle.Do not bleach.Tumble dry, low, normal cycle.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.
  • ROSENSKÄRMErgonomic pillow, side/back sleeperArticle no:504.443.68
    Width: 13 " (33 cm)Height: 4 ¼ " (11 cm)Length: 19 ¾ " (50 cm)Weight: 1 lb 15 oz (0.87 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

Thread count: 
236 square inches
13 " (33 cm)
20 " (50 cm)
5 " (12 cm)
Filling weight: 
18 oz (515 g)

Ratings and reviews

Nice and comfortableJACKSONThis pillow is comfortable and fits my neck.4
ComfortableAnitaThe material is comfortable and thickness is just fit5
Sleeping betterThat G.Purchased in the hope of a better night's sleep. It's working. Very comfortable and I wake up well rested. One recommendation, open the package early in the day to air the pillow out as there is a slight chemical smell that dissipates within the hour. Very happy with this pillow - just as good as others three or four times more costly.5
Ergonomic pillowFoatesI bought this about a month ago and it is really good for my neck and back. It is a good product.4
Best pillow for a side sleeper ever2Bor02BNo odour, firm but enough give, 2 heights to choose from by changing orientation, and it is light, NOT memory foam thankfully, so it is not hot and sweaty either. And the price is right. The form fitting cover sold seperately is a good natch and allows cleaning for allegies.5
Great pillowCanLionI bought it two weeks ago and so far it serves me in a great way5
SheetaIt is a good pillow that I have ever got.Love it.5
pillow77776good for a restful sleep.5
Wayyy to softAhmad AI am quite disappointed in this pillow. I have the Rolleka right now and that one is starting to get a bit soft (I have had it for about 5 years or so). I thought this one was the replacement. However, it is so much softer than the current worn out one.1
Fantastic ergonomic pillowDebgcI bought this 2.5 months ago and couldn't be more pleased. I'm having just the best sleeps and it is so comfortable5
Ergonomic pillowJaq65The pillow is too hard doesn’t help with neck/shoulder pain2
Terrific Neck PillowulyulyulyyyFriend recommended this for me as a solution to neck aches and more comfortable sleep which it definitely helped with! It is good quality breathable memory foam and the pillow case is nicely fitting and durable in the wash. Only thing pulling me away from the 5 stars is the softness of the pillow, would like to see a softer version of this.4
Poor memory foam functionalityMkmkmkIt’s too firm and poor memory foam functionality1
kath1Still making up my mind and getting used to it3
olive54bought this pillow 2 weeks ago. perfect5
PillowJDK007Good pillow. Was hoping for one of IKEA’s older pillows that was more hard with support for the neck. Did not have it at the store or online. On that note, IKEA discontinues a lot of products I purchased before making it difficult to match what I have at home. Please bring back the Cullen three drawer height and the firm curvy pillow. Thanks!3
Not comply to expectationEthen QWidth is too short. The foam gives too much pressure to the rear head. I feel numb with my rear head after a long time sleeping. The waves of both side are either too high nor too low.1
Jv96Bought this recently and I'm so happy I did, was the last one in stock at the time as it was on sale.5
DO NOT BUY!!e1izI just came home with this pillow and it smells like Chemical. My entire bedroom smells like it 10 minutes into opening the package. I am guessing its the material that smells because its not coming from the cover. I REALLY hope its not toxic to smell this, and i WOULD like to know what this smell is.1
AwesomeDax1771Love it and great price!!5

Function solution

Better sleep comfort with ergonomic pillows

Being comfortable when you’re asleep is key for making the most of your waking hours. We believe in the power of sleep. And when your head and neck are well supported by a pillow, you snooze even better. But people sleep differently. Some are back sleepers, others sleep on the side or change position many times during the night. That’s why our ergonomic pillows come in many shapes and sizes, so we can all sleep like babies and wake up refreshed.

Ergonomic pillow, side/back sleeper13x20 " (33x50 cm)

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ROSENSKÄRM Ergonomic pillow, side/back sleeper, 13x20 "