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Desks for home

The right desk helps you create a space that makes it easier to work, study or engage in your hobby. We’ve got desks for home use in many styles and designs. Short on space? Need more storage? Go for a desk with built-in shelves. Stuck in a corner? We’ve got desks to fit there too.

Student Desks | Laptop Stands | Gaming Desks

Your home desk is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture. And it has to put up with a lot. Maybe you're working long hours on the computer with stressful deadlines. Or you might be spending a lot of time gaming with your friends, working hard to level up. Perhaps you’re a persistent student, needing room for school books and notepads. And on top of all that, you might want a workspace for your hobbies as well, like scrapbooking or painting miniatures.  

In other words, choosing the right desk is crucial. Luckily, we’re here to help you out. 


A smaller home office desk for cramped spaces

Smaller desks are best suited for smaller spaces. Take corner desks, for example. Awesome if you really want to use your space to the max. And if you want to hide the home office desk when not in use, we have a great tip: put a curtain or blind above it. That way, you can just pull the curtain and the whole desk is hidden away. 

Go big with a larger home desk

A larger home desk is perfect where you need a lot of work space. If you have a dedicated home office, you can go for a big desk that becomes the focal point of your room. If you’ve got a large desktop computer tower, check out a desk with a contoured tabletop and adjustable shelves for storage.  

Smart solutions and great gadgets

If you’re worried about sitting for too long as you work, we recommend that you look into one of our height-adjustable desks. Set a timer on your mobile and switch from sitting to standing at 45-minute intervals.  

There are other smart things you can consider having for your desk as well. A monitor stand is a great way to raise the screen a bit, especially if you have a laptop and a fixed home computer desk. Perhaps some cable management is needed under the desk, or holes in the corner to lead the cords down to the floor. 

And let’s not forget about the desk chair! It’s just as important for your working position and posture as your home computer desk. In our range, you’ll definitely find one that is kind to both your back and your wallet.