DYRGRIP White wine glass, clear glass, 14 oz
DYRGRIP White wine glass, clear glass, 14 oz
DYRGRIP White wine glass, clear glass, 14 oz
DYRGRIP White wine glass, clear glass, 14 oz

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The crystalline glass has a shiny luster and creates a beautiful reverberation when you toast with family and friends.With a shine and clarity similar to crystal glass, but completely lead-free.The glass has an elongated bowl which keeps the wine cool and makes the aromas more distinct, enhancing your experience of the drink.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer

Ingegerd Råman

  • Crystalline
  • The material in this product MAY BE recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.No cadmium or lead added.
  • DYRGRIPWhite wine glassArticle Number:803.093.02
    Length: 8 ¾ "Weight: 6 ozDiameter: 3 ¼ "Package(s): 1

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9 "
14 oz


Super trendyTaybry13I know these are wine glasses but we use them for champagne flutes. They're sturdy and very trendy. I'm pretty obsessed with them!5
ConejasI love this wine glass I have many and this is my favorite. I am going to buy more.5
Beautiful and functional!JokrLove the thin lip of the glass and sturdy base. It’s a beautiful design!5
Pretty style and lightweight!Janie2Great price for this style wine glass!5
Perfect for Wine Tasting!SassiccaiaBought these (and the red version as well) for our wine tasting class with a Master Sommelier and even she approved of them ;-) They fit perfectly also into the Cambro racks for easy transport and hygienic storage.5
Love the designNatHarveyUnbeatable for the price!5
ElegantLavarock64These are so elegant and a fresh. The glass is very thin and refined. Wish they made a champagne flute as well!5
Great for sipping!Sjoberg50I especially appreciate the design as it is easy to grip the top of the stem and allow the bottom of the bowl to rest on your hand. That way, the wine doesn't warm as quickly as when holding the glass by the bowl.5
DYRGRIP White wine glass, clear glass, 14 oz

Here's to crystalline

For generations, crystal’s been desired because of its brilliance, quality, and the sounds it can produce when coerced with a clink or caress. But, traditional crystal is made by adding lead to glass, a metal that's proven to be both unhealthy and unsustainable. We’ve decided to keep led out of our products. So, when creating DYRGRIP glassware collection, we chose another material: crystalline. And contacted a renowned Swedish glass designer.  Read More
"Crystalline offers a brilliance and clarity that's similar to traditional crystal but is free from lead," explains Misco Veselinovic, glass expert at IKEA. "And the nice sound is still there.”

Offering quality alternatives

Part of Misco's job is to ensure our products meet or exceed all safety and quality regulations put in place by different countries and organizations. "We take the toughest regulation we can find globally and we use that for our products," says Misco. "It's the same when it comes to strength and durability. We always look for the strictest standards and those are the ones we try to meet." Crystalline is a particularly resilient type of glass. It's more resistant to breaks than other glass types, stands up to industrial dishwasher tests, and maintains its brilliance for longer.

Raise a glass to design

DYRGRIP was designed by renowned Swedish glass and ceramic designer Ingegerd Råman. Her prized creations are always an unassuming blending of function and beauty. Ingegerd happily explains the consideration that went into each millimeter of her design, exacting the proportions of foot, stem and bowl. She labored to create perfect harmony, but is quick to dismiss the significance of her efforts. "You don't need to know this. You should just feel it when you lift the glass," she says, going on to explain that the quality of crystalline lets the best traits of what you're drinking shine through. "The drink should be the focus," she explains. "The main decoration is what you pour in the glass."
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Designer thoughts

“It’s important to me that there is a balance between the functional and the beautiful, something which I think I’ve achieved with my design of DYRGRIP glasses. The material crystalline is a reminder of the crisp and cool Nordic, and the clear glass allows the color of the drink to take center stage. It feels exciting that so many people around the world will be able to use and enjoy the glasses, and I hope that everyone will enjoy them as much as I do.”

White wine glass, clear glass14 oz

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DYRGRIP White wine glass, clear glass, 14 oz