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Stools & benches

Got more friends than you've got seats? The more the merrier, we say. That's where extra stools and benches come in. We've got lots of smart, easy to care for, and often stackable seats that are designed to work with our tables. We promise, they'll save space and, more importantly, your party.

Big party backup

With a pile of stacked MARIUS stools tidily tucked away, you’re always prepared for a happy get-together.

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A pile of MARIUS stools in black with one lying across the top, beside two white MARIUS stools with one leaning on the other.
The top surface of two MARIUS stools that are side by side, one black and one white, showing the holes in the seat.
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You can never have too many seats, and there’s always a good reason to take one. So, a good-looking bench or stool is always going to be a good investment.

For example, a bench in the hallway means you always have somewhere to sit when putting on your shoes. Or maybe a place to collapse when coming home from a long run. Get a bench with storage for a win-win situation, as they can accommodate a lot of stuff that otherwise ends up on the floor.

A stool can be placed wherever you need it. As a convenient seat in the hallway. As a bed stand in the guest room. As a cute shelf solution in the bathroom. And with some extra stools around, you can quickly add more seats around the dinner table if you need to. Most stools of the same model can be stacked on top of each other, making them incredibly space efficient.

Check out or range of stools and benches and take your pick!

The hallway is more important than you think

Your hallway is where your home greets your guests for the very first time. That first impression of what it looks like and how it's organized will impact the experience of your entire interior. If you enter a nice and tidy hall, you automatically get a better impression of the rest of the home (which is why brokers always make sure the hallway looks tip-top before viewings). If, on the other hand, you enter a cluttered hallway, you might think that the rest of the home is messy.

This makes the hallway one of the most important rooms to plan for and decorate as best as you possibly can. And what could be more welcoming than a well-organized hallway with a storage solution that offers your visitors a nice place to sit? It’s a solid piece of furniture that provides comfort, cleanliness and control to the most important room in your home. For extra flair, add some neat chair pads to match the rest of your hallway interior.

A stylish bench or wooden stool can be your favorite hallway tool

In a smaller home, a full-on storage bench might steal too much of your precious hallway space. That’s where one of our wooden stools or smaller benches can truly shine. They offer efficient storage and convenient seating without making your hallway feel cramped. And they look great too! In addition, they are easy to move if you want to rearrange the hallway, or if you ever need extra seating somewhere around the house. We have a wide range of different designs for you to choose from, whether you're looking for a hallway bench with storage or a simple wooden stool. And when you’ve picked your perfect solution, the rest of the hallway storage will fall into place. You’ll easily see what you need next to achieve order. Perhaps some hooks and hangers? Or a hat rack that matches the hallway bench?