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Standing desks

A standing desk can be a great investment in your well-being at work. By changing your position often, you will increase your body’s circulation by engaging your muscles more often, leading to a more productive day at work. You will also improve your posture, and probably burn more calories too.

Standing desks

Break up your routine with desks designed to get you up and out of your seat. When the coffee isn’t working or you just find yourself lost in the glow of your screen, stand up and raise your desk along with you with the turn of a hand crank or the push of a button. Feel better with a healthier workspace that encourages you to get up and stretch before standing to attention.

Find the perfect height with height adjustable desks

Changing things up from sitting, to stretching and standing is easy with standing desks whose height can be easily adjusted electronically from 22” up to 49” to provide an ergonomic working position. Some electronic standing desks feature the convenience of up to four preset height settings. More affordable options in standing desks can be adjusted between 24 ¾” and up to 50” by a hand crank that can be positioned on either side before sliding under the table when not in use. Choose from L-shaped corner desks with elegant curves that give you enough space for your laptop as well as dedicated room for sketching or drawing. Find rectangular standing desks that also provide enough room for dual monitor setups as well as speakers and a place to hang your headphones. Whichever style standing desk you choose will feature sturdy, durable materials such as powder-coated steel and fiberboard that are also sustainable. Besides the smart design, these hardy materials will keep your standing desk going strong without wobbling.

Frequently asked questions about standing desks

How tall should a standing desk be?

Tall enough for people of any height to stand comfortably with good posture while typing on a laptop or performing other chores at one’s standing desk. With the range of electronically and hand crank adjustable desks allowing for between 22” to 50” in height alterations, there’s an IKEA standing desk for everyone.

How often should you stand up from your desk?

While recommendations can vary a bit, it is generally recommended to stand up at one’s standing desk for periods of 30 to 60 minutes— or to work standing for about an hour for every one to two hours spent seated.