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Gaming Desks

Select high-performance gaming desks for high-performance gaming. Find desks for gaming that accommodate 2-3 monitors and all your consoles and PC towers. Get the space you need with everything at your fingertips and you can even customize the gaming surface. It’s time to take your gaming desk to the next level.

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More optionsUPPSPEL / STYRSPEL Gaming desk and chair 70 7/8x31 1/2 "

UPPSPEL / STYRSPEL Gaming desk and chair, black blue/light gray, 70 7/8x31 1/2 "UPPSPEL / STYRSPEL Gaming desk and chair, black gray/red, 70 7/8x31 1/2 "UPPSPEL / STYRSPEL Gaming desk and chair, black/gray, 70 7/8x31 1/2 "

More optionsUPPSPEL / STYRSPEL Gaming desk and chair 55 1/8x31 1/2 "

UPPSPEL / STYRSPEL Gaming desk and chair, black blue/light gray, 55 1/8x31 1/2 "UPPSPEL / STYRSPEL Gaming desk and chair, black/gray, 55 1/8x31 1/2 "UPPSPEL / STYRSPEL Gaming desk and chair, black gray/red, 55 1/8x31 1/2 "
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Gaming desks

Raise your game with gaming desks as customizable as any game mod. Enjoy features tailored to your specific gaming needs that maximizes space while keeping you comfortable and going strong through marathon gaming sessions. Put a gaming desk made in collaboration with Republic of Gamers (ROG) at the centerpiece of your gaming setup.

Create the best gaming desk setup

Taking your game to the next level is easy with loads of smart design features, including adjustable push-of-a-button height that allows you to always sit or stand at exactly where you want to be. Find gaming desks with electronically adjustable height that can be adjusted from 29 to 47” or pre-set to four different height positions that you can easily change to. Consider preset “sweet spots” your comfort zones for different types of gaming that can keep you playing longer. Or choose desks with legs whose height can be adjusted manually from 27 to 30”. Whether adjustable in height or not, there are gaming desks in a wide range of sizes—from a minimum height of 29 ½” to as high as 57 ½” (with shelving).

Choose wide and deep desks with enough room to easily accommodate everything you need to game, from multiple gaming monitors to cams, keyboards, and mouse pads, as well as your speakers and headphones.

The true measure of a gaming desk isn’t just how it feels when you first sit down—it’s how it helps you game longer. Enjoy built-in comfort that gives you an edge when matches drag on. To help prevent eye strain, choose a gaming desk with a deep tabletop that allows you to position screens at a comfortable distance from the eyes. Find gaming desks that further reduce eye strain with a durable matte surface that cuts down on reflective glare. To add further customization, most gaming desks can be positioned in one of two ways: with the contour of the desk facing forward to provide relief for your forearms and wrists, or having the contour at the back to create a tidy gap for cables to cascade downward from. Cable management is even easier with gaming desks with a cable management tray under the tabletop that will keep your desk neat and tidy.

Meanwhile, for added convenience, choose gaming desks with a USB port built-in to the controller of adjustable height desks that allow you to charge one device. Add even more customizable comfort to touch-of-a-button adjustable desks by pairing with IKEA gaming chairs built for sport that were also designed in collaboration with ROG.

Need more smart design elements to fill out your gaming rig? Easily move CPU towers out of the way with CPU stands on casters, get a stylish accessories stand for your headphones or find multi-functional cushion/blankets and gaming mouse pads featuring slick designs.

All gaming desks feature sustainable, durable and sturdy materials such as strong and light-weight fiberboard and powder coated steel. Choose from all white or all black gaming desks or a mix of the two.