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Laptop tables

Posting a photo, watching a movie, cranking out some work or reading the news—whatever you’re doing on your device, there’s a laptop stand, laptop table or laptop, tablet or phone support that comfortably fits anywhere in your home. 

Smart design meets laptop tables

Make working from home more comfortable with a variety of options built to aid posture while you work or scroll. Or enjoy the convenience with options that hold your devices upright in any part of your house while you go about your day.

Need to type a term paper or join another Zoom meeting? Select a BJÖRKÅSEN laptop stand in beige, gray or green that cozies up to your couch or chair like a TV tray. You can adjust the height of the easy-to-clean powder-coated steel frame. The top can be slanted to make reading sheet music or a hefty page-turner a breeze. A cup holder on the side is ready to help you stay caffeinated.  It also folds up to be conveniently stored away. 

Want more options that are great for small apartments or simply maximizing space? There are laptop stands smaller than large desks ready to slide right in under the side or front of your couch when you’re ready to get to work or pay bills or just go down a blissful rabbit hole of cat videos for who knows how long. Pull the legs of the VITTSJÖ laptop stand under your couch and enjoy the modern look of tempered glass held by white or black powder-coated steel. Slide the steel legs of the FJÄLLBO side table under the couch as the pre-stained, easy-to-clean pine top slides over the armrest to hold your coffee and your tablet or phone. Steel mesh storage will keep your books and magazines tucked right against the couch, ready when you need them.

And you won’t get caught slouching when doing a video call with mom with high impact polystyrene laptop supports fit for any table or lap. Sit up straight while typing away on the couch with a black BRÄDA laptop support that is also perfect for holding a cookbook on your kitchen countertop. Rubber strips underneath keep it from sliding while a retaining edge keeps you from pushing your laptop off your lap. Granular raised gray circles provide a fun design that helps hold your device in place. The white ISBERGET laptop stand also helps to keep your laptop at eye level—and you productive—while providing two tilted positions for maximum comfort.

Enjoy hands-free convenience and smart device storage

Trying to watch the game or a cooking video while battering chicken or vegetables for deep-frying? Go with a BERGENES or SIGFINN mobile phone or tablet holder whose lacquered, bamboo veneer can smartly match your cutting boards or kitchen countertops. The treated surface easily wipes away clean no matter what you spill or smudge it with. The SIGFINN device holder also allows power cords to easily attach through a built-in slot.

Speaking of smart design, the KNOTTEN standing desk fits snuggly next to your bed or work desk and opens up like a puzzle box to provide smart convenience. Besides the ample shelving and double drawers, the back of the tabletop pops open for clever device storage with slots for powers cords to snake in when closed.  Hooks on the side provide even more storage options in tight spaces.

Even the lightweight MÖJLIGHET tablet stand is ready to do more as it doubles as a headset stand. Use it at your desk and, like any laptop or device stand, easily move it to your nightstand when you’re ready to listen to music as you drift off to sleep.