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UPPSPEL Gaming desk, black, 70 7/8x31 1/2 "

UPPSPEL Gaming desk, black,

Price $ 849.00

3 year limited warranty

How to get it

UPPSPEL gaming desk helps you perform at your best. It’s large, durable and sturdy. You can also quickly and easily adjust the height so that you always enjoy the optimal position during the match.

Article Number594.301.97

Product details

3-year warranty. Read about the terms in the warranty brochure.

Do you usually sit or stand when playing, or something in between? You can pre-set this desk at four height positions and easily change the height with the touch of a button.

The height of the electric underframe can be adjusted from 29 to 47", so you can always sit or stand at a comfortable height.

You can position the table top in two different ways. If you have the contour shape facing forwards, you enjoy relief for forearms and wrists – and having it at the back creates a gap where you can lead all the cables down.

It should be comfortable to play, especially when a match drags on. That’s why the table top is deep – so you can position screens at a comfortable distance from your eyes.

You can charge one device in the controller’s built-in USB port.

Durable matte surface that is easy on your eyes since the light glare is low.

It’s easy to keep the desk neat and tidy by using the cable management tray under the table top.


Length: 70 7/8 "

Width: 31 1/2 "

Min. height: 29 1/2 "

Max. height: 48 3/8 "

Max. load: 154 lb


3 years and going strongBradI’ve had this desk for almost 3 years now, and I honestly don’t know what others are complaining about in the comments. It has moved with me 4 times, each time I’ve taken the top off and on to do so, and other than just being heavy, it’s not offered any issues. I do remember it being tricky to assemble, but for all the mechanisms and stability, I don’t think it’s too much. As for stability, I have a 49” monitor, a desktop, and a laptop, along with all my other junk on it, and it’s perfectly stable, even on carpet, no wobble at all. I don’t use it as a workbench, so maybe that’s why mine isn’t scratched and gouged, but I’ve worked from home on it almost every day for the whole time I’ve had it, and it still looks almost brand new. 10/10 would happily buy again.5
Horrible assembly processWillMy god, whoever designed this desk needs to find new work as a torture device inventor. Putting this together was the most excruciating and unbearable experience of my life, and I once broke both my legs rock climbing. The desk quality is fine but dear lord in heaven what an absolute nightmare to put together1
Very Cheap ConstructionDavidThe top is made from cheap particle board and the surface coating is very flimsy. Any little nick or scratch exposes the particle board to the air and swells up like a welt. My work area is covered with bumps. Who has the chutzpah to produce and sell such a blatantly inadequate product?1
Wobble town! Stay away!!RagavDisappointed. This table wobbles a lot even with modest amount of typing. This may be good for gamers - but its not fit to be an office desk. I was drawn to the extra width and the memory buttons - but in hindsight - they are less important than stability. And its damn heavy - IKEA you should pick this up from my house for free. No wonder it had low ratings to begin with.2
Poor Quality Top, would avoid at this price.MathI have used the desk for less than six months and the powder coating is wearing off on the edge. I have had other Ikea desks for years and beat them to hell and STILL I have never seen anything like this. The installation was nightmarish. The desk doesn't go low enough. The feet don't have the ability to be utilized to level the desk on a slightly uneven floor area. The desk is too deep for modern curved monitors. Got an Odyssey G9? Expect 40% of the table to be of absolutely no use to you other than to take up space. Considering the fragility of the powder-coating surface, and the questionable depth of the top, I honestly don't think they had gamers in mind here.1
My Big TableHectorBetter than I expected, big and strong, I have 3 monitors of 35 and the table goes up every time I need to stand and goes down smoothly every time I need to sit down, I love this table, I will take good care of it so that it lasts me very much, I highly recommend it...5
I really like this desk.RyanI am really enjoying this desk. Assembly was reasonably easy (did it solo and it wasn’t too hard). A couple of the screws connecting the legs to the stand were challenging to screw in as they were a tight fit. Overall though the desk assembly instructions were easy to follow. The motor on the desk is quiet and fast (I like how it slows down as it reaches the saved height). The surface is nice and large. I like the cutout which I have in the back for easy cable feed behind the desk. The cable management tray under the desk is handy but I wish it was a little larger & deeper. The table top surface seems durable. It is slightly course and picks up skin and dust very easy. However it can be cleaned with a damp cloth and shows no sign of permanent wear. I would recommend an oversized desk pad to keep the table top clean. The table can hold a lot of weight. I have my PC and a 2 monitor setup sitting on the desk with no issues. For the money I would consider this a fantastic value.4
Nice budget gaming desk.TracyI like that this desk can raise or lower. Also the top can be arranged with the indent towards the front or back of the desk. The only issues I had were that some if the screws were very difficult to fully screw in I believe I stripped two of them, and secondly that the cable management system can easily fall out of its slots.4
0 stars if possible - Buyer Beware - Do Not BuyChristopherThe desk frame arrived without some components (the hex wrench and some screws were missing). When finally assembled the motor and controller did not work. The error (E08), which was not listed in the set-up guide on instructions, came up. The desk moved up a tiny bit then stalled out. Repeated calls to customer service did not help. While Ikea reps tried to be helpful, they could not replace the faulty mechanism or provide a replacement frame. Huge waste of time and effort to bring the desk home assemble, then disassemble and return it. Lesson learned. Never again. Ikea, please stick to selling products that you can actually support.1
Love itEvaLove it5
Great desk, but poor customer service.WilliamThe desk works great and is everything I hoped it would be. That said it showed up missing the hardware to attach the desk top to the frame. I was given the run around when I called support, they offered me a $50 gift card for my trouble which I never received. They asked me to go to the store almost an hour away and they didn’t have the hardware in stock at the store. I then had to spend another half hour on the phone with support and they told me they didn’t have the hardware for attaching the desk in stock and wouldn’t for a month which I’m still waiting on. I needed the desk for work so I went to the hardware store and found some exact measurement bolts that fit the desktop to get this thing built but I’m more than a little furious at customer support.4