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Hanging planters

Create your own green haven with our hanging planters. By utilizing your vertical space – wall, fence, balcony, indoors or outside – you will have room for even more of your favorite plants. And you will see your home flourish to new heights.

5 Reasons We Love Hanging Planters

There are countless reasons we think hanging planters make a perfect addition to any space, but these are five of our favorites…

They help define a space

Whether you have an open concept home, or are simply looking to carve out a defined corner in a larger room, hanging planters can help! We love a good nook for reading and relaxing, but a walled-off area isn’t always possible. Once you’ve chosen a location to create your space-within-a-space, add a chair, small side table and hanging basket for an instant oasis.

They’re renter-friendly

As much as many renters would love to hang heavy artwork from the walls, or install new lighting in the bathroom, many such enhancements are usually off the table. But luckily, with a little creativity you can make your space your own without lifting a hammer or drill (or otherwise risking your security deposit!)

Hanging planters can be hung from existing curtain rods or window hooks—including those random hooks you sometimes find throughout your home, and think, “What did the previous tenant use this for?” No existing hooks or rods to work with? Tension rods make a perfect, non-permanent solution that you can take with you when you move. 

They’re out-of-reach for kids and pets

There is something about indoor plants that pets and children simply can’t resist. And our hanging planters help take away that temptation to make a mess! But beyond the potential for spills and dirt-tasting adventures, some plants can also be toxic to pets when ingested. Hanging planters help keep them safe by eliminating the opportunity to eat the plant. That said, it’s important to consider that determined cats can often find a way, so we recommend only choosing pet-safe plants, even for hanging baskets.

Placement ensures they get the right amount of light

Once you’ve chosen a location for your hanging planter, consider how much light that space receives. This will help you in choosing plants that thrive under those conditions. As a bonus, because hanging plants are designed to stay in the same place, you’ll only have to do this homework once. This helps in ensuring your plants continually get adequate light, which can be tricky to account for if you have a lot of potted plants that you relocate often.

They don’t take up any surface space

From cluttered countertops to teeming tables, clean and clear surface space can be difficult to maintain in a busy home. By hanging your plants up, up and away, you preserve that precious space while also saving your plants from potentially getting knocked over or buried behind mail and forgotten.