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Self watering plant pots

Giving your plants the water they need isn't always convenient or possible, especially if you're gone a lot. Our self-watering pots keep soil moist to help plants thrive, even if you can't water them regularly. We’ve got easy to grow plants, too, for greenery to fill your self-watering planters.

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More variantsIKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot 12 ½ "

IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, black, 12 ½ "

More variantsIKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot 12 ½ "

IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, white, 12 ½ "
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Forget about forgetting with our self watering plant pots

Constantly have to travel for work or just want to use your vacation time without worrying about your plants? Then turn to self-watering plant pots that come with smart watering inserts that slowly release water over time. Treating yourself to that vacation you earned doesn’t have to come with any buts or house plant worries. Use them even when you’re working from home every week since forgetting to water the plants is human nature. These hardy self watering planters in black or white durable plastic also have convenient casters to help you adjust the feng shui to fine tune your everyday style. These smart casters also make it easy to readjust your plants when rearranging sofas and sectionals for parties or the holidays. 

Frequently asked questions about our self watering planters

How do self watering plant pots work?

Self watering planters have smart inserts that you place into the soil and fill with water. They help house plants thrive through a slow release of water.

What plants thrive in self watering pots?

Self watering pots are  great for delicate succulents or sensitive ferns that frown on hand watering that carelessly dampens their leaves. Other plants that go well with self watering plant pots include peace lilies, pothos and the fiber optic plant.

Do self watering planters work for all plants?

Self watering planters work best for plants such as ferns, African violets and pitcher plants. Just as some people really love folk electronica music, some plants just aren’t that into the slow, gradual release of water from self watering planters. For water sensitive indoor plants, it’s best to water them only when the soil is dry.