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Outdoor plant pots

Whether your outdoor space is a little balcony or a big garden, our outdoor garden pots and planters will help you give it a living, natural touch. Best of all, picking up a few garden pots let your favorite colorful flowers or gorgeous green plants take root and add beauty to your home.

Spruce up your backyard patio or balcony with beautiful potted plants

Bring vibrancy, harmony and joy to the home with plants and stylish outdoor planters. High-quality outdoor plant pots give you the freedom to grow fruits and vegetables in limited spaces, or maybe create a colorful flower arrangement on your outdoor patio. Your plants can flourish in the sun during summer before easily being moved inside for winter.

How to choose the right outdoor planters for you

At IKEA, you’ll find a wide range of outdoor plant pots to create the home garden you desire. 

Metal planters

Metal garden pots provide a raw, shiny texture that can be a beautiful accessory to your plants. The effect is greatest if you have a lot of colorful flowers. Metal planters are great accent pieces, but be careful about placement. Opt for shadier areas to avoid excess heat from direct sunlight.

Concrete planters 

Concrete planters are incredibly durable and are perfect for creating a rustic look. The rugged, natural beauty of concrete garden pots makes great partners with green, leafy plants. Pro tip: cover concrete planters during the winter to prevent cracks from freezing and thawing.

Terracotta Planters

The classic ‘baked earth’ terracotta pot will fit perfectly in almost any outdoor space. The gentle earthy color complements most plants in a beautiful way.

Size, shape and function

Use smaller outdoor plant pots to start out seedlings or smaller plants. Once it’s time to repot, switch to a bigger pot. Use bigger, circular outdoor planters to hold small trees on either side of your front door. Also choose flower boxes to hold flowers on railings.

How to take care of your outdoor pots

Use a plant mover or felt pads to avoid moisture damage on the garden pots. Some IKEA outdoor pots are frost resistant. If the temperature goes below zero, you only need to empty the soil or cover them up. Regularly clean your garden pots to keep them looking nice and to reduce bacteria that can harm your plants.

Frequently asked questions about our outdoor planters

Do outdoor planters need drainage holes? 

Some plants, such as snake plants and pothos, can thrive without drainage holes, while plants sensitive to overwatering need them. You can drill holes into some concrete or plastic outdoor plant pots. Meanwhile, many IKEA outdoor plant pots come with drainage holes.