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Live plants

From feathery ferns to spiky succulents and all the leaf varieties in between, plants can help turn your house into a home. Make your space feel more lively and bring home some character, big or small, with our collection of house plants.

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Liven up your space with beautiful plants 

Boost the mood and improve indoor air quality while elevating the look and feel of your home with IKEA’s collection of house plants. Spruce up your living room and dining room corners with potted trees. Enjoy colorful orchids that bloom throughout the year in the kitchen, bathroom or office. 

Indulge your green thumb with house plants

Enhance the look and feel of a room with our selection of easy to care for indoor plants

Snake plants

With their vertical leaves shooting up from plant pots like a group of green swords, Sansevieria combines the exotic with a bit of the familiar. Snake plants are low maintenance house plants that only need to be watered sparingly.

Aloe vera

This succulent plant featuring thick and fleshy leaves makes for a great visual pairing with snake plants. Use sandy soil and water sparingly. It needs about 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight, but some filtered light can be suitable. 


Use exotic potted flowers such as orchids as accent pieces to add a pop of color to any room. 


Find a variety of small potted bonsai trees that you can care for and trim to give the impression of a full-sized tree from a natural landscape. Enjoy the calming sensation and the reward that comes with weekly miniature landscaping.  


The robust, spiky leaves of succulents have a soothing and exotic appearance. They come in shades of green, gray and blueish green and sometimes even purple! Succulent plants require very little watering as they’re commonplace in arid regions.

Let the plant choose you

Plenty of potted plants can thrive where you place them, so it comes down to exploring your personal preference. If you want something low maintenance, succulents are a good choice as they rarely need watering. A lack of direct sunlight in your home could call for something like the dragon tree. For decorative purposes, you may consider impressive climbing vines, that you could style across a floating shelf. There's a hugely diverse range of potted plants and flowers that you can bring into your home from the IKEA range. Discover your personal taste when it comes to colors, fragrances and levels of maintenance required.  

An additional factor to consider is how safe your plants are for pets. For some pets, ingesting the leaves or flowers of certain house plants will make them very sick – so it’s worth double checking that your preferred plants won’t cause harm to any curious cats or pups sharing your home. 

Do indoor plants need sunlight?

Indoor plants need varying amounts of sunlight. Place plants that need lots of light along bay windowsills or in a sunny room. Low light potted plants such as ferns are great for darker rooms. 

Do indoor plants help improve air quality?

Plants can absorb gases and produce oxygen. Sadly, you can’t rely on plants alone to improve air quality in your home. To achieve an air purifying effect with house plants, you would need to fill up your home with many more plants than you’re likely able to fit.  But plants could boost your health in other ways. Many people find that house plants relieve their stress and improve their mood thanks to their refreshing fragrance and beautiful colors.