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Arts and crafts supplies for kids

IKEA’s arts and crafts supplies for kids are designed to encourage creativity and fun using the most powerful thing of all—their imagination. Shop our quality kids paints, crayons, drawing paper, colored pencils, markers and more. And don’t forget a kids easel for your mini Monet or Cassatt! Stocking up on kids art supplies is fun and affordable at IKEA.

Essential arts and crafts supplies for kids

You don’t have to invest in the latest tech toys to keep your children occupied for hours. A well-stocked box of arts and crafts supplies provides everything kids, teens and even adults need to color, sketch, paint and more. Whether you’re refreshing your current stockpile or starting from scratch, we have all your crafty essentials for less…

  • Crayons, colored pencils and markers: Grab a few packs of our colorful crayons, pencils, markers and pens to ensure your little one always has the right tool for the craft at hand! 
  • Colored paper: Our thick and sturdy paper is perfect for drawing, folding and other paper crafts. You can even skip the trip to the greeting card store for your next celebration and ask your little one to whip up a personalized card. They’ll love helping as much as the lucky recipient enjoys their custom creation!
  • Kids easel and paint set: Our double-sided kids easel provides endless hours of fun with a chalkboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other. Simply add drawing paper to color or paint, easily removing it when they’re ready for their next masterpiece
  • Modeling dough: Offered in a variety of bold, vibrant colors, our flexible, non-toxic modeling dough is fun to squish and sculpt. Enjoy some worry-free fun with our kid-friendly formula that is easy to remove from clothing and surfaces. Simply wipe it off with a wet cloth or let the dough dry and scrape it away

Get back to basics in battling boredom and fostering creativity with arts and crafts supplies for kids from IKEA!