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Active play toys

Throwing balls, somersaulting, crawling through play playing is just another way for children to grow and learn. That's why we've created active play toys for kids that are about more than fun. Our indoor active toys help your child develop and strengthen their imagination and other abilities, including motor skills and sense of balance. 

Indoor active toys for busy girls and boys

Whether your little one is naturally wired for activity at all hours or you’re trying to encourage them to get in more physical play, our indoor active toys present fun ways to move no matter the weather outside. 

Something as simple as a soft ball can provide hours of indoor fun for the whole family. You can play keep away, dodgeball, catch or bowl all with the same ball. Our folding gym mats are equally great multitaskers, serving as a soft landing for all sorts of play. Mats are among our most popular indoor sports toys for toddlers, particularly if they’ve shown an interest in gymnastics. 

Active play toys for friendly competition

Even the biggest video game fan can’t resist a chance to win against their brother or sister! No matter how old your kiddos or how far apart they are in age, IKEA offers active toys for kids everyone can enjoy. These include child-safe dart games and tag games that make great indoor toys for active toddlers…and teens!

Creativity-minded toys for active kids

Active play doesn’t have to be all about throwing and tumbling—it can be more about theatrics and drama! Toys like our kids indoor play tent are perfect for puppet shows and more, threading the line between active and pretend play toys. Encourage your kids to dream up new and unique ways to use their toys, keeping them mentally and physically active.