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Wooden toys

Our high-quality, classic wooden toys are natural, durable and kid-safe. Each is packed with an unlimited supply of fun, whether your little one prefers circling the track with a wooden train set or learning about relative size while choosing which piece goes next with wooden stacking toys. Buying affordable Montessori wooden toys is made easy at IKEA, with the same commitment to quality and budget-friendly prices we bring to everything we create. 

Wooden Toys for Kids of All Ages

In today’s modern world, classic wooden toys remain a favorite that will likely never fall out of style. As an added benefit, everyone else in the family already knows how to play with these toys! Unlike a complicated video game or computer game, everyone can join playtime with the kiddos. This can be especially beneficial for older parents and grandparents who might be a couple generations behind their little one, and have an even sharper learning curve to contend with when it comes to high-tech toys. 

Want to jump right into playtime, anytime and anywhere? Our wooden toys are also easy to travel with as they don’t require batteries, and are lightweight and durable. 

What are Montessori wooden toys?

What many of us think of as classic or old-school children’s toys are exactly what people mean when they talk about a toy being Montessori. Our wooden toys require interactivity to be played with, unlike a screen that a child might simply stare at to be entertained. They also help children develop fine motor skills and problem solving skills, focused attention and so much more—usually with no batteries required.

Wooden toys make great baby shower and child birthday gifts

Shopping for a gift and aren’t sure which is the most foolproof choice? Our most popular styles include wooden stacking toys for babies, and a wooden train set that’s sure to capture and keep a toddler’s attention as well as grandpa’s! Because wooden toys never go out of style, you don’t have to worry about buying the same ‘hot toy’ that several others might be bringing. You also don’t have to wonder if what you’ve picked will require a ton of batteries or fall apart the first time it's dropped. Our wooden toys are designed to be played with again and again!