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Let your home shine this Hari Raya

A GOKVÄLLÅ serving bowl with a lid is placed on the dining table, in front of bowls and beside a table runner. All the items (except the lid) have a continuous diamond-checkered pattern in blue and yellow against a white background.

    This Ramadan, set the stage for all that tasty food with the new GOKVÄLLÅ collection and more.

    Express your appreciation and gratitude to loved ones, and enjoy each other’s company in comfort and style. Let's make home count!

    Find everything you need this Ramadan 2023:

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    Break the fast and set the table, for good makan and company

    Time to prepare and showcase your best cooking skills to family and guests! Why not let your rendang dishes stand out with white dinnerware, or set the table with vibrant colours and patterns?

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    Malay fried fritters are neatly plated on a GOKVÄLLÅ plate, which has a continuous diamond-checkered pattern in blue and yellow against a white background. Beside the fritters on the plate is a small white/blue GOKVÄLLÅ kava cup, filled with chilli sauce. A bigger GOKVÄLLÅ bowl with the same printed pattern is placed behind the fried fritters, and filled with vegetables.
    A MÖRBYLÅNGA oak venneer/brown table is placed beside the window. Four black ODGER chairs are neatly pushed against the table. A BERÄKNA vase with a flower and a BLANDA MATT serving bowl made of bamboo are placed on the table. A black BESTÅ frame is placed against the orange wall of the room, right behind the dining table and chairs.
    A birch BEKVÄM kitchen trolley with wheels on two legs is placed at the corner of a kitchen beside a cabinet. It has two shelves filled with various condiments in storage boxes, and atop the trolley are coffee mugs and accessories. In front of the trolley is a BEKVÄM step stool in birch colour.
    A GOKVÄLLÅ gold-coloured serving stand is filled with grapes and placed on a coffee table.
    A TORNVIKEN kitchen island is filled with bowls and plates in its drawers, and ingredients are chopped atop a chopping board on the kitchen island.
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      Create a warm and inviting home this Raya

      Host Buka Puasa and Hari Raya like a pro. Find your best helpers in our range — from the basic details to the overall appearance of your home.

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      A man opens up the doors of his white VIHALS storage unit to organise his items. Another white VIHALS shelving unit with 6 open shelves is right beside the VIHALS storage units with closed shelves, and also filled with decoration items and black storage boxes. In front of the VIHALS storage units is a dark green PÄRUP sofa with cushions of various patterns on it. A birch BORGEY coffee table is placed right in front of the sofa, and is filled with magazines in its bottom compartment.
        Three black NISSAFORS trolleys are neatly placed on the bottommost compartment of a birch-coloured outdoor shelving unit. Each trolley is filled with food storage boxes and other food condiments.
        A NÄMMARÖ modular sofa for a single person is placed in front of a bigger sofa filled with cushions, including a colourfully striped GULLBERGSÖ cushion. A table with an IKEA 365 carafe with stopper is placed in the middle of the setting. The area is filled with lights from the SOMARLÅNKE collection, including two floor lamps and a hanging LED light chain.
        A black MILSBO glass door cabinet is filled with exquisite home decorations and placed at the corner of a room right beside the window. Not far from it is a BUSKBO rattan chair with soft cushions on it.
        White squarish GOKVÄLLÅ floor cushions are placed on top of a patterned GOKVÄLLÅ rug.
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        Shop the new GOKVÄLLÅ collection, specially designed for Eid 2023

        Bring home some inspiration from the Ottoman tiles at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, mixed with modern elements.

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        A living room pictured after sunset is prepared for gathering with items from the GOKVÄLLÅ collection, such as cushions, teapot and cups, serving bowls, plates, table runner, and paper bags.
          Block candle holder, tealight holder, LED lantern, and LED table decoration, all from the GOKVÄLLÅ collection – are placed at the window sill.
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            More mood makers: Decorations and lights for festive nights

            Decorating for Raya is simple, wallet-friendly and beautiful. Simply layer a few extra cushions, curtains or rugs. Play with different textures and colours, while ensuring your home functions the way it needs to.

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            SOMMARLÅNKE LED pendant lamps are hung above a NAMMARO sofa. The sofa is filled with cushions and throws, including the GULLBERGO cushions – one in green and white stripes, and another in thin multicolour stripes.
              Soft toys are placed in the SALUDING rattan-weaved basket beside the sofa in a living room.
              JOSTEIN shelves and JOSTEIN side unit in white are set up against a blue wall in a balcony. Each shelf is filled with plants; the middle shelf is a ÅKERBÄR greenhouse. A light chain is placed right beside the shelving setup.
              A white LAUTERS floor lamp is placed beside a sofa in the open space of a living room. Behind it is EKET square cabinets mounted on walls and an EKET storage cabinet against the wall. The cabinets are filled with books, plants and other decorations. Photo frames are also mounted on the wall.
              An artificial SMYCKA white lily is placed in a white STILREN vase on a dining table.
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