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GOKVÄLLÅ collection

Whether you’re planning a festive meal with friends and family or just freshening up your home, the GOKVÄLLÅ collection can help you create the right atmosphere. It’s inspired by tile patterns from the Middle East, and is mixed with modern elements to make both you and your home shine.

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A living room pictured after sunset is prepared for gathering with items from the GOKVÄLLÅ collection, such as cushions, teapot and cups, serving bowls, plates, table runner, and paper bags.
A GOKVÄLLÅ gold-coloured serving stand is filled with grapes and placed on a coffee table.
A person pours tea from the GOKVÄLLÅ teapot into GOKVÄLLÅ kava cups, which are placed on a serving tray on a table.
Two GOKVÄLLÅ LED table decorations in the shape of crecent moons are placed by the window sill.
A table is set with plates, bowls, and place mats from the GOKVÄLLÅ collection.